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17th Jul 2001, 16:45
Having attended the Flyer training jamboree in Manchester on Saturday I would be very grateful for any advice regarding the various full time, from scratch to cpl / atpl courses available. The price range seems astonishing, from around 27k to Oxfords' 53k; is there any truth in the Oxford sales pitch - you get what you pay for?
How would any already established pilots out there advise a debutante to proceed?
Thanks for your time :confused:

17th Jul 2001, 17:13
I suggest you visit the school if you can. Then have a chat with with some of the self financers in the coffee area.

They will be easy to spot, pubic hair and speaking english in the first instance. And carrying a scruffy flight bag in the second.


In my opinion good for ground school modular but stay clear for the flying unless someone else is paying.

17th Jul 2001, 17:40
mad_jock - PUBIC hair?

Without personally having intimate knowledge on this subject, one would assume the self-funders would be in fact LESS hairy than of those not from 'Kansas'??!!??

Edited due to having no desire being the next Salam Rushdie.

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17th Jul 2001, 17:51
Salman Rushdie was an outright racist, aswell as stupid.


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17th Jul 2001, 18:00
It was maybe because us modular types were there at the time but the self-funders definately had a hairy arsed look about them (this included the birds).

The cadets all had fresh Bum fluff covered faces with matching bags and fleecy jackets and had to be tucked up in bed by 11pm.


flite idol
17th Jul 2001, 18:04
Good Lord, pubic hair in the coffee area.! I`d check the canteen out too.

Send Clowns
17th Jul 2001, 22:00
No. Visit a few, talk to a few ex students of all (I am ex-SFT student. If you email I will explain my good opinion of SFT), I have talked to people who have done some at OATS some elsewhere, and were not impressed by OATS, even ignoring cost.

Rob 747
17th Jul 2001, 22:29

Dont bother.....How busy is the circuit?
How old are the planes?
Is your £53K as goodas BA's millions?.... I dont think so!!!
Does £53k grow on trees??
Dont just goto Oxford because they tell you everyone off last weeks course has been successful, it doesnt mean you will be.
Remember there are no guarantees in this business, especially job offers.

ps.I know, Technically, Money does grow on trees coz it is paper!!!


:D :D :D :D

18th Jul 2001, 01:31
Tread carefully with them. Any school that has a Marketing Department makes me nervous. I went to their Seminar and had a bad experience. Go though and see for yourself. I agree about the work after graduating thing. You WILL get a job, it may take a couple of years, but you will get one. The important thing is to enjoy your training and do it in an environment that fits your way of working to get the best out of it. Treat all reports from flying schools with a pinch of salt. You will notice that there are no schools that people all agree is the best. I can say however that I did not notice any pubic hair in any part of the school.

18th Jul 2001, 02:30
serendipity- out of interest which school offers an intergrated course for around 27k?

prob30- you mention that you will get a job in the end, although it may take a few years. At the end of the day it all depends what kind of job, doesn't it. Spending 55k you would want a jet job compared to being a FI. Does it always work out this way though?

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18th Jul 2001, 02:35
why should you get a jet job. My understanding is that you get a frozen atpl for whatever it costs depending where you go. It may take you 2 years to get a job flying commercially, whatever for whoever. If you get a jet job you are bloody lucky. In the meantime you do an instructor rating and should get a very low paid FI job but building hours....

So it is
18th Jul 2001, 15:35
If you are thinking of spending that kind of money take yourself off to Spain and do your course at BAE systems where you have onsite en-suite accomodation, swimming pool, bar£1 a pint, 6 internet computers 3 tennis courts, 2 football pitchs,volley ball court,DVD player 40inch sony TV and dont forget the whore house at the end of the road!!!
I do know of one person that has ended up finishing his flying training at BAE due to lack of Aircraft at Oxford. If you want anymore info email me.
All for 48,000 pounds.

Send Clowns
19th Jul 2001, 02:20
£48 000 is expensive - I paid lots less than that at SFT including food and accomodation.

Wee Weasley Welshman
19th Jul 2001, 04:32
Send Clowns - really? So how was that then? Waht accom did you stay in? Presumably you never went out much. Any training abroad in that?

Just interested as I could never see how they did it for 48K (actuallly £47k at todays rate).



21st Jul 2001, 13:58
mad_jock - care to explain exactly what you mean by 'self funders definitely had a hairy arsed look about them'?! if all you want to do is slag people off when you don't even know them, pi*s off and do it somewhere else. i could mention a few things about modular students and sponsored students, but i don't think i'll lower myself to your level. and yes, i'm one of the 'hairy arsed self-funders' you talk about so fondly, and also happen to be a 'bird'.

21st Jul 2001, 14:22
Anyone got any idea as to why Oxford has put it's price up 5 grand in the last two months? :eek:

Makes me think they are in it for the money.

Pan Am in Florida will do it for 32 thou instead of 53. I am yet to be convinced that it is worth an extra 21 thousand to go to Oxford.

Who are they kidding? :mad:

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