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I. M. Esperto
14th Apr 2002, 15:21
While this opinion was not published, it was reprinted in the opinion about the subsequent disciplinary hearing of the judge who wrote the poem. In re Rome, 218 Kan.198 (1975). Judge Rome received a censure for his literary efforts. He was later removed from the bench for his conduct in an unrelated case. Anway, since he paid for it, you may as well enjoy it. Here's some more:

On February 26, 1974,
The State of Kansas tried this young whore.
A prosecutor named Brown,
Represented the Crown.
_ _, her freedom in danger,
Was being defended by a chap named Granger.
Testimony was presented and arguments heard,
Poor _ _ waited for the Judge's last word.
The finding was guilty, with no great alarm,
And _ _ was sentenced to the Women's State Farm.
An appeal was taken, to a higher court _ _ went,
The thousand dollar fine was added to imprisonment.
Trial was set in this higher court,
But the route of appeal _ _ chose to abort.
And back to Judge Rome, came this lady of the night,
To plead for her freedom and end this great fight.
So under advisement _ _'s freedom was taken,
And in the bastille this lady did waken.
The judge showed mercy and _ _ was free,
But back to the street she could not flee.
The fine she'd pay while out on parole,
But not from men she used to cajole.
From her ancient profession she'd been busted,
And to society's rules she must be adjusted.
If from all of this a moral doth unfurl,
It is that Pimps do not protect the working girl!

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 16:05
Yes the Law is indeed an ass, I have often posted to this effect.

Sadly, the Law is made by Lawyers (In Parliament or other elected bodies) for Lawyers and administered by Lawyers. Its is a self perpetuating and self protecting oligarchy. I have very little faith in it these days I have to say although I obey it as a decent and honourable citizen.

14th Apr 2002, 16:09
Whether or not the Law is an Ass, it is a very poor poet indeed! ;)

There was one of A.P. Herbert's "Misleading Cases" in which Albert Haddock, the defendant, lost the case in which he was (as usual) conducting his side himself, and was fined an additional amount by the court for conducting his defence entirely in rhyming couplets... :D

14th Apr 2002, 20:42
Ahhhh, Mr Haddock.

Still makes me laugh. Those poor snails.... :)