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14th Apr 2002, 14:15
Just noticed it....
Congratulations to Flapsforty, moderating JB :cool:
I am sure you will be a wonderful moderator for this busy forum mate :D

14th Apr 2002, 14:20
Good on you. Falps!:D

14th Apr 2002, 14:22
Saw that myself, rubbed my eyes and wondered how long it had been there. Whether or not it's a matter for congratulations is another matter but I know the urbane, wise and delightful Flaps will do her very best under what will no doubt prove to be trying circumstances from some of the cheap shot merchants around here hiding behind their cloak of anonymity.

Good luck, flaps, I think you'll need it. :)

The Nut Behind The Wheel
14th Apr 2002, 14:30
Since when?



Did the JB posters request it?

Do we need it?

I echo the thoughts of Bino's when they say you'll need it Flaps!

I know I'll be testing the boundaries. HeHeHeHeH:D

14th Apr 2002, 14:59
Declaring that you're going to push the edge reflects poorly on the sort of person you are. I suggest you would be better served attempting to help raise the level of discourse to what it used to be.

As many people have posted long before you got here, Nut, go and have a look at what inevitably happens to completely unmoderated forums. As in any society, if you give the morons complete rein, anarchy results, abuse and threats of violence take over, the ones who made the place worthwhile in the first place leave, the whole edifice crumbles into worthlessness, and the morons head off to find another place they can ruin with their lack of intelligence.

Do we need it? Make up your own mind.

14th Apr 2002, 15:33
Well done, Flaps babe! :)

Couldn't have asked for a better person as moderator!

14th Apr 2002, 15:34

It is way too late....:D

14th Apr 2002, 15:35
You will do the best job Flaps. JB needs you!!!

Congratulations XXX!

14th Apr 2002, 15:36
CONGRATULATIONS on what must be a thrilling time for you.
I do hope after the round of endless parties, and backslapping,that you settle into your new position looking forward to such a challenging role.

As you and I have already clashed, should I and the handful of other people who see free speech as a right, say farewell now? or wait for the committee of your closest "in vogue" advisers to take the vote.

now I know why I never joined the caravan club.

14th Apr 2002, 15:36
Yeh congratulations Flaps. Your gonna have to spell out to me exactley where the edge of the JB-envelope now lies! ;)

Slash xx
(JB envelope-pusher)

14th Apr 2002, 16:02
What exactly will be "moderated" out of JB?


Perhaps Jetblast should be downgraded to "Propwash".

14th Apr 2002, 16:17

should I and the handful of other people who see free speech as a right, say farewell now?

Yes please. Take your pathetic bleatings about the right to free speech and see if you can find somewhere where it means the right to say what you like when you like about whom you like. Good luck.

The Mistress
14th Apr 2002, 16:28
Absolutely fabulous :)

Congratulations Flaps. After what happened yesterday the other half and I fell around laughing when we saw that you had been 'promoted'.

I said it before and I'll say it again that I think you are fair and even-handed. The best of luck dealing with the unpleasant characters who think you are 'fair game'.

This is just too delicious :)

14th Apr 2002, 16:37

Your post appears a little sour in tone. I'm not sure why that should be, not having seen the clash you mention between you and Flaps. But you have either sorely misjudged her or completely failed to appreciate her integrity if you think either that she will play the "favourites" game here, or needs the advice of "in vogue" (as you put it) advisors.

You also need to understand (why is this so difficult for some people?) that this website belongs to Danny. There is no right of free speech here. We are guests of his. If you had a guest at your house and you for any reason requested they not talk about a particular subject, and they then started ranting on about free speech, I think you would consider it (a) a little rude and (b) perfect justification for asking them to leave and not darken your towels again, n'est-ce pas?

I would expect that the rules for JB will not change simply because JB now has its own moderator. Danny's requests will simply be more effectively enforced. The other moderators and administrators did not have the time to police JB before. Are you complaining that the breaches of the rules were previously "allowed"?

14th Apr 2002, 16:51
WHAT! Fisticuffs!

Now I can talk to you privatly on the Admin forum and no-one else will be able to wedge their way between us!

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 16:58
I have long thought that JB needs a Moderator, self regulation as in every other sphere of life JUST DOESNT WORK. In any regular and well ordered society rules are needed and boundaries have to be marked out. If nothing else good has come out of the Moritz Suter effect then this is it.

Will Flaps be a fit and proper person to Moderate JB? I cannot say, we must wait and see, but good luck to her anyway in what must be a difficult job to say the least!

14th Apr 2002, 17:09
Jetblast has, what, 3 rules? If anybody cannot self-moderate sufficiently enough to avoid breaking those rules, they should leave, and Jet Blast should be OK. However, it has been proved over time that many people seem to lack the ability to self-moderate, don't leave, and just cause trouble, get threads locked, etc. So it seems to me perfectly justified that JB gets a moderator. And why not Flaps Forty? I don't think this is now suddenly going to be moderated like Rumours and News/Reporting Points just because there is a moderator present. On the contrary, my guess is that the moderator will be here solely to enforce the rules that are so often broken.

Also, perhaps this is even better still, because maybe it will allow a little higher discussion to take place here, because it means that politics/religion can be discussed without it turning nasty (ie posts deleted that will be a problem, allowing the rest of us to continue speaking intelligently)?? :confused: Just a postulate! ;)

I welcome this. Some time ago I had the urge to start a political-
based thread in JB (I think it was about why as an American I don't like the European Union's policies). I resisted the temptation and instead put up a thread asking why we are not allowed to put up such topics. Reply was scarce but shortly afterwards I got an email from none other than Flaps Forty herself. I won't quote (for fear of being banned for life! Quoting a moderator! :eek: :D) but I can assure you that she was very understanding and was open minded to intelligent discussion about politics etc so long as it didn't get out of hand.

So I wouldn't expect suddenly padlocks flying everywhere on Jet Blast just because it is moderated. It will most likely continue to be the least moderated forum here, and those moderations that do emerge will most likely be of a minimal nature; ie, just removing posts that would have been eventually removed by Danny or another admin moderator anyway.

I just hope this means that now all the tough moderator talk won't be in bright pink!:eek:


(PS, whatever did happen yesterday between FF and nostradmaus?)

14th Apr 2002, 17:14
Keep an extra bottle of your favourite tipple handy:D
Seriously though, well done and best of luck!

14th Apr 2002, 17:30

Having read some of your post's I had built up a hefty amount of respect for you, but please don't patronise me it doesn't bode well with me, sarcasm or any other type of banter including insults are fine please stick to either or both in future.

As you may have guessed my use of the word's free speech, were meant to be taken in the sense that includes non liabellous,
non personal, and within the laws of the country. sorry for any misunderstanding.


I believe there is somthing about it written in the american constitution. perhaps you will let me know?

14th Apr 2002, 17:37
Precisely my point, Nostradamus.

If Danny were (for reasons best known to himself) to say that there would be NO Mornington Crescent played here, and no dicussion of anything remotely to do with car keys, you might think it a little odd, but you would have to comply.

This is Danny's site, and there is no right of free speech here. It doesn't exist.

Nor, for any practical purposes, does it exist anywhere else within the UK (or the USA for that matter, the Constitution notwithstanding). But don't get me on that - somewhere tucked away I have an essay I wrote on the subject during my attempts to obtain a law degree...

14th Apr 2002, 17:42
Nice one Flaps ;)

Its great to see someone with their head screwed on right being given the power to sort some of the offensive muppets around here out.

Good luck

PS, any chance of a change from the pink? I know someone who cant read it coz of the color :( gets very annoying having to read it to them :(

14th Apr 2002, 17:43
Congrats Flaps...

hmmm....Slash, guess this means we can talk about God now? ;)
...Oops! or did i open the wrong envelope?

14th Apr 2002, 17:58
Well done Flaps!

14th Apr 2002, 18:31
Good luck Flaps and well done. Just be prepered for lots of e-mails and lots of explaining why you have done this-that-and-the-other.!!!!

tony draper
14th Apr 2002, 18:37
Ooooerrr, have to start bein polite to delectable Flappy on chat.

14th Apr 2002, 19:17
Onya Flaps.

Good luck and I hope it doesn't stress you out too much.:D

14th Apr 2002, 19:23
Congratulations Ms forty, or sympathies, as you choose.:D Allow me to take back the cracks about loutish teenagers.:D ;)

14th Apr 2002, 19:54
........rather you than me!! :eek: :D

Suppose what Huggy & Binos are trying to say is that we have a right of free-ish speech here.

Never thought about it really, but I suppose that is true all over the world. You can't just say what you want - there are laws of slander, defamation etc etc

When Danny closed down JB last year after Natters posted that link :rolleyes: it came back with a clear rule: No Porn.

After Sept 11th, the rule was No Politics or Religion.

Initially, I think we all conformed. But as memories faded, we all started pushing boundaries a bit more..... :rolleyes:

......Some a lot more!!!!!! :eek: :D

My suggestion is this: we all agree a series of rules about what we can discuss and what we can't. And prob more important - in what way do we dicuss them.

eg What is 'harmless banter' and what isn't....

In the event of a PPRuNer transgressing these rules:

a) If they are newcomers, then stern talking to by flaps.... :eek:

b) Experienced PPRuNer's - banned without mercy. :eek:

Perhaps we could keep the 'rules'up to date by a monthly review, open to all PPRuNers. But flaps would have last word....

What do you all think? :confused:

14th Apr 2002, 22:34
A very good choice. Flaps congrats, you are a voice of quiet moderation and reason and yet have never been hesitant about saying what you think. Good on you.:) :)

14th Apr 2002, 23:18
Good luck, J.
Hope you can find the time :)

henry crun
15th Apr 2002, 01:04
Congratulations and good luck Flaps,

I'm sure you will bring your voice of reason and impartiality to this volatile place.

15th Apr 2002, 04:01
Congratulations Pink Person.

Can't think of anyone better for the job.

:D :cool:

15th Apr 2002, 11:59
Nice one Flaps, hope you have enough time left to partake of the occasional tipple :D :D

15th Apr 2002, 14:09
Congratulations, Falps, I guess Danny finally put enough noughts on the cheque to make it irresistable...?;)

Big Tudor
15th Apr 2002, 14:54
Congrats Flaps. As has been said before perhaps JB can now return to heated intelligent debate rather than just mud / insult slinging.
As long as it doesn't mean moderation on Herr Drapers World of Facts and Figures. I've been dazzling the boys down The Lard & Whippet of late with all sorts of obscure information thanks to the Bard of Northumberland. ;) ;)

16th Apr 2002, 18:51
dear me!!!!!!!!

hugs falps2

17th Apr 2002, 10:10
Way to go Falps! Give 'em hell and keep it clean!;)