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The Nut Behind The Wheel
14th Apr 2002, 11:40
Hey groovers!

I know that the most embarrassing hairdo you've ever had is probably the one you are currently sporting (for most of the male members, it's none!), but tell us what YOU reckon it is.

Mine was a "spiky" that was too long circa 1979 (ala punk), that just succeeded in making me appear like a hedgehog.

I reckon Breezy's would have been a circa 1950's beehive! :D

Any takers?

14th Apr 2002, 12:04
Hey Nutty......

I wasn't even a twinkle in my dad's eye in the 50's!!! :eek:

The worst hairdo I ever had was when I was nineteen years old though. Having had long hair for the previous few years I decided to go for 'something different'!! :)

Off I went.... arrived at the hairdressers and told him exactly how I wanted him to cut my hair. His eyes lit up at the length of it and he couldn't get his scissors out fast enough!! He ran his fingers through it and raved about how I was mad to get it cut, but understood that I wanted something completely different!! I felt safe that as he was so taken by the whole thing, he wouldn't mess it up.... and I walk away knowing I still looked okay!! :cool:

It didn't work like that AT ALL.... this man obviously didn't have a clue.... he chopped the whole lot off in one fell swoop.... as I sat frozen in horror and unable to speak!! I'd explained not five minutes before how I wanted it to look... and the 'Happy Hacker' just did what the hell he wanted!!!! :eek:

Result: Really short hair...and one totally devastated owner!!!

I don't think I ventured outside for the next month!!! :(

The Nut Behind The Wheel
14th Apr 2002, 12:21
Was it the skunk-cut?

ie clippers down the middle of the noggin?

Did you ever get a colour that was truly vomit?

Blue- rinse set maybe?:p

14th Apr 2002, 12:29

I've had it all colours (though not all at once!)..... liked 'em all too!

Deff not a 'blue rinse' though,..... far tooooo young for that!! :eek:

14th Apr 2002, 12:30
No really a bother much anymore - Becoming more and more 'solar powered skull' by the year .... ;)

14th Apr 2002, 12:38
aaah hair

I miss my hair :(

Being an 80's kid, I had a mullet with the full Duran fringe

then the Bon Jovi "Poodle" look, complemented by ripped jeans and tassled leather jacket

and then the aging hippy look 0 hair down to my backside, normally in a ponytail.

Now it's very cold on top.

Sliding member
14th Apr 2002, 18:41
I will never forget my bubble perm, it was the best ever. May be one day people will be sporting these again instead of the usual "scotchbrite head" look

14th Apr 2002, 18:51
I cried when my pig-tails were cut off. :(

I Am Ugly
14th Apr 2002, 21:31
I have had many wonderful haircuts in my life:

Ponytail (Not for long)
Slicked back like a Cuban (Had it for years, looked quite good)
Side parting (When young. Never again)
Bowl cut (Can't think why)
Undercut (A 90's thing)
Many different variations of the mohawk. (Loved them)
Subtle crested spikes (Wot I have now)

The only one that looked bad was my skinhead. I was bored one day and decided I would look better bald (!). I used clippers to get my hair down to head stubble then found an eger friend to shave the rest of with a disposable razor. Unfortunatly he wasn't the most dexterous chap and managed to slice at least 15 long cuts into my newly exposed head.

14th Apr 2002, 21:49
Crewcut (aged 6) - YUCK!
Ponytail whilst at Uni. (Well, actually just wore it long, but it tended to run amok under a fencing mask, where it spent on average 2 hours a day, so I got used to tying it back)
Now - non-descript style, but greying rapidly. NOT BALDING, Deo Gratias!

15th Apr 2002, 04:40
My most embarrassing haircut was the first one performed on me - in just forty-five seconds - by the legendary "Fag-ash Lil" at a government run holiday camp near Wendover in Buckinghamshire.

Lil should be in the Guiness Book of Records for, with only one assistant, she tonsorilly textured our entire Winston Churchill funeral detachment in a single day. An incredible achievement as you can see...

Headcount (http://homepages.tesco.net/~john.dillon1/images/Churchill_comp.jpg)

They may look OK from the front but there were a few bloodstained collars round the back!

Through difficulties to the cinema

henry crun
15th Apr 2002, 05:10
What a shambles, my DI at 4TTS would have sorted you dozey lot out in double quick time.


tony draper
15th Apr 2002, 06:56
When I was but a lad,folks used to say I looked like David McAllum,
so Drapes went out and got a Illya Kuriyakin haircut, didn't work very well, folks no longer said Drapes looked like like David McAllum, folks said "Hey you look like fair haired Adolf Hitler". :(