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Kalium Chloride
14th Apr 2002, 11:56
Just discovered the hours of amusement that can be gained with a comfy armchair, a laser-pointer, and a cat. :D :D :D

14th Apr 2002, 11:59
KC, I like your attitiude!

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 12:57
As long as this didnt hurt the cat in any way, I agree! (surely you didnt shine the laser pointer in its eyes????!!!!!)

I dont have a moggie at present but my former cat, now in the care and control of my ex missus, was always amused by such matters. I would shine an ordinary torch and she would follow and try to catch the light spot on the carpet. Again I recorded her one time and played it back and watched her hunting for the hidden pussy.

Cats can give hours of mutual fun and enjoyment and I would recommend them as a pet and companion.

14th Apr 2002, 13:03
methinks we should take care, or someone will send us to prison, KC

14th Apr 2002, 13:13
Hmmmmm..... little things amuse little minds do they?

Sez who????? :p

The Nut Behind The Wheel
14th Apr 2002, 13:14
Hey Gannet!

I suppose you had a seat belt fitted to your car for your precious pussy as well!

And we wonder who the chief architects of the "Nanny State" are!


Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 13:28
Then and now Im not a car driver. Situation soon to change. Cat was transported in the appropriate whicker basket when going to vets etc. Hope that answers your question.

Im not an advocate of the Nanny State but DO believe that people (and animals) SHOULD enjoy protections where necessary against overbearing employers, bad landlords, crooked tradesmen who do bodge jobs, unlicensed and unqualified practitioners etc, in effect to redress the balance for the little man against the big battalions.

Now back to the Spirit of the Thread. Yes, you can have great fun to the amusement of yourself and the cat with a moggie and the simplest of props.

I found that a cardboard box was great fun. I would cut a hole in the box and put it on the floor. Puss would enter it and Id see box, propelled by moggie, go across the floor then she would turn it over and climb out. The cat seemed to enjoy doing this, likewise she would chase a radio controlled car around the garden. Even a bit of cloth tied to a string and drawn across the floor would result in the moggie chasing after it.

So yes, simple things can amuse the simple minds of cat and Tartan Gannet alike!

14th Apr 2002, 13:39
Awwwwwwww TG..... what a nice man you are! :)

I do like cats, used to have one myself..... once!

I haven't got a clue what happened, I'd never been allergic to anything as far as I was concerned, but I reached a certain age.... and suddenly I developed allergies to allsorts of things, including cats and certain types of dogs (ended up at the hospital three times because of a hamster, which is how this was discovered!)

As an animal lover this really gets to me!! :(

Hey... I'm also allergic to Male Chauvanist Pigs!!! ;) :p

14th Apr 2002, 14:39
just as much fun can be achieved by waiting till moggie is asleep
attaching clingfilm over the paws of the said sleeping moggie, wait till it awakes, then watch moggie bounce around the room as it's unable to feel it's paws :)

14th Apr 2002, 17:59
...or there's the Cat Bagpipes:

1. Cradle cat (inverted) with left arm (so legs are pointing skyward).

2. Insert tip of cat's tail into mouth (er.. that's your mouth, not the cat's...)

3. Bite hard...and keep pumping!

Hours of authentic Scottish fun!!

(Just one example of how we while away the long winter nights Chez Sud...)

14th Apr 2002, 18:08
I rather enjoyed the News Quiz the other day, talking about cats and the fishpond or "Yo! Sushi!" as the cats called it. Several dead frogs beside it, total mayhem. Even having drawn chalk lines around the bodies, the police still weren't really interested - they just fitted up a black cat from down the road... :D :D

14th Apr 2002, 19:34
There's the difference between cats and dogs in a nutshell. If I had tried that laser pointer trick with my dog, he'd have arched one eyebrow, given me a "f*** you" look and rolled over and went back to sleep.:p

14th Apr 2002, 21:10
My cat (well, one of them) Chas gave me much amusement when he put his head in a crisp packet looking for salt and vinegar crumbs. Found himself in a dark crinkly plave, and tried to back out. Only thing was, the bag stayed on his head, so he ran backwards round the living room with packet on head until I could compose myself sufficiently to go to his assistance.

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 21:19
One of my cats in days gone by used to come into my study when I lived in Brighton and was married. He would sit on the desk and play with the computer keyboard and loved to try to paw the images on the screen. Lots of fun!

Alas he has long since gone to the great petshop in the sky.

Cats can be as much fun as dogs, and are far cleaner and less hassle. Its simply a matter of having to put a bit more understanding into the relationship between animal and human. I find cats far more cerebral than dogs, and worthy companions.

henry crun
15th Apr 2002, 02:20
Nicely put TG, my thoughts entirely.

15th Apr 2002, 05:52
Sorry but cannot agree that cats are cleaner than dogs, it is an illusion, it simply isn't so. When cats go out they do not head off to some leafy glade and play chase or whatever, they roam off round all the bins and dumps they can find and collect many a fine parasite on the way, such parasites that will easily transfer their affections to a human. When they tire of such bins and dumps they return to sit on your bed and wash themselves as clean as they are able, depositing a myriad of bacteria and suchlike on the bed whilst they do this. Cats do have the ability to lick themselves PARTIALLY clean but this is usually after they have become filthy.
Dogs tend to stay at home and only collect whatever parasites and bacteria that you allow in and around your house.

Yes, dogs do roll in other dogs, cows and horses manure but so do cats, I've just been watching our big ginger tom do just that!