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29th Nov 2012, 20:46
Qantas has pulled a series of inflight advertisements made by a mining union and promoting Australian jobs in the mining sector, explaining it doesn't run "political" ads.

The Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union ads argue that the benefits of the mining boom are unevenly spread, and that many Australians have tried and failed to get work in the mines despite repeated complaints by mining companies of a skills shortage.

The ads, which were screened regularly on Sky News, were scheduled to be shown on Qantas flights this week, for seven days.

But Qantas spokesman Luke Enright said the ads, which had run for a day on domestic flights across Australia, had been taken off-the-air.

"It ran for a day and then we had it pulled off the next day," he said. "It wasn't censoring a union ad we don't allow any political ads."

Qantas pulls union's mining ads (http://www.theage.com.au/travel/travel-news/qantas-pulls-unions-mining-ads-20121129-2ahzg.html)

Could I be forgiven for thinking that Qantas pulled the ads because:

1. It owns a subsidiary that has lucrative fly in fy out mining contracts.

2. It no doubt has corporate accounts with many mining companies.

3. The Qantas Board and management hates unions with a passion, unless they are of the corrupt lickspittle type like the AWU.

4. Qantas hates all Australian workers and wishes to replace them with cheap foreign labor just like the mining companies?

29th Nov 2012, 20:56
You could be forgiven, but in reality, this is a political ad even if oly mildly so, and you could be forgive for the lass half full/ half empty perspective.

Ditch all the ads, and concentrate on running an airline properly would be the best advice.

schlong hauler
29th Nov 2012, 22:10
Removing the segment within Gruen Transfer that was scathing of the new Qantas ad campaign several months ago was not political for QANTAS! NO MORE SPIN....

29th Nov 2012, 22:57
Please refrain from posting every snippet and press release onto this site. This hardly could be described as news affecting us as professional pilots :)