View Full Version : Elvis re-mixed.......

14th Apr 2002, 02:10
Well, at long last , someone re-mixed "The King"
"A little more satisfaction" has been given the glossy treatment, and by jove, it's good. Have driven the moggle mad, by listening to it all day, and watching the rather good Nike football advert that comes with it.. (Une filme de Terry Gilliam)

Now, I am not a great fan of football, except of course, for the Mighty Cockney heroes, and our 11 young heroes when they're handing out a kicking to the hated boche.

you can find it here www.nikefootball.com just go to downloads>>>> ads. Movie is in Quick time format only, but features some nifty soccer work. For the female contingent, there are plenty of views of young muscley and sweaty football stars, but curiously, no one from Middlesboro football club..sorry Brite, but ur mate Ronaldoinhohoho is in there :D