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28th Nov 2012, 18:14
Did it get anywhere this week?

28th Nov 2012, 20:20
are you blokes pushing for more than just that retention/bond amount lumped in to the salary?

whats the feeling?

Valley of Hinnom
28th Nov 2012, 22:00
are you blokes pushing for more than just that retention/bond amount lumped in to the salary?My brother flies for them. Nobody is asking for anything beyond the company's means. Just a fair deal, nothing excessive, but a package that reflects the challenges of living in the year 2012.
Good luck boys:ok:

5th Dec 2012, 20:11
Can anyone confirm industrial action begins on Friday?

13th Dec 2012, 11:52
Jq Nz pilots to not work days off and fly full SIDs and STARs is in force. Company has now refused to negotiate.

13th Dec 2012, 12:22
If that's the case good luck - and good on you guys and girls. That contract is rubbish and has been since day one.

13th Dec 2012, 21:36
How do you fly full SIDs and STARs if ATC have instructed you to cancel the procedure?

13th Dec 2012, 21:40
I'm sure the boys and girls are flying the full STAR and SID without asking for any track shortening...

Stick it to 'em kids :E

Fuel-Off :ok:

13th Dec 2012, 21:58

in my limited experience if atc know you won't call visual then chances are you'll end up dropping some places in the queue. which is kinda the point.

14th Dec 2012, 00:43
Ah, ok. My main experience with track shortening has been on SIDs and it hasn't been something the crew have requested, but something ATC has instructed, therefore no opportunity to fly the full SID.

blah blah blah
14th Dec 2012, 02:18
oooooohhh!! Full SIDs and STARs! That'll stick it to them!

always inverted
14th Dec 2012, 19:27
Blah, of course it will, it will hit them directly in the back pocket. The guys there will just be requesting full SIDS on first contact with delivery or stars on contact with terminal. Simple really...:rolleyes:

14th Dec 2012, 19:51
Sounds like it's no change to what they do anyway. Full arrivals for 03 in Dunedin while everyone else takes the visual approach. :E

blah blah blah
14th Dec 2012, 20:26
The SID/STAR thing has been tried before by ALPA, it just doesnt work.

To my mind if you have got to industrial action something very wrong has happened, usually with one side refusing to budge, and contrary to popular belief its not always the company in the wrong.

15th Dec 2012, 07:14
After speaking to a few in the know over there, half the problem seems to be the team trying to negotiate for the pilots. An f/o who has no real idea and a ex-Ansett NZ halfwit !!
Good luck guys, but its sounds like you need some leaders who know how to play the game a little smarter.

always inverted
16th Dec 2012, 05:46
So does that mean that the pilot group are also a bunch of half wits, because they elected the council, if not then they should be standing up and doing something about it... If no one wants to stand up and say I'm keen to try, then nothing will change... Can't blame it on alpha, when they provide the resources but the negotiators are the ones that use the resources and negotiate a contract. If they aren't doing it, elect some new ones. Don't just blame it on x or y.
If you want to back sdab someone go over the ditch, they do it well there.:=:ugh:

16th Dec 2012, 06:36
Inverted, that's exactly what was said to the guys making the statement. If your not happy with the guys negotiating vote others in.
As far as your comment re backstabbing goes, you obviously mean the kiwis!!
Good luck guys, your going to need it...