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pete za hut
13th Apr 2002, 23:12
Donīt tell anyone, but on some "radiosilent" nights, I sometimes used to listen to the music broadcasted non-stop on 252 (ADF needle pointing towards DUB area). The last weeks however, music has changed to irritating talkings about politics and sports.....
Can someone tell me a freq. more "music friendly" in the area to replace 252?
regards , Pete Za

14th Apr 2002, 12:10
Remember reading somewhere that Atlantic 252 had changed from music to chat.

Try, 1152 Piccadilly if your anywhere near Manchester, England. Although it too has started broadcasting a lot of football recently.

14th Apr 2002, 16:05
As pprune's resident radio presenter and flier, I can help you with this one.

Atlantic 252 used to broadcast from Trim in Eire but the decline of audience on LW effectively shut it down about four months ago.

It is now called 'Teamtalk 252', a sport/talk/news station in a similar vein to the UK's TalkSport. How many listeners it will pick up with this format remains to be seen.

If you're heading towards northern England, I'd recommend a few stations if your ADF tuning equipment will go high/low enough:

1548 AM, Magic AM Liverpool
999 AM, Magic AM Lancashire
1152 AM, Magic AM Manchester
1260 AM, Classic Gold Marcher, North Wales
1170 AM, Big AM, Stoke-on-Trent
1197 AM, Virgin (N West Booster)

14th Apr 2002, 18:19
I was always under the impression that freqs below 500kc were off limits for anything except aviation NDB's? :confused:

15th Apr 2002, 00:51
Shows how much you know...

15th Apr 2002, 02:50
411A, sorry if I insulted your intelligence ol' buddy. I did think it was a legit question. I seemed to recall ICAO had reserved the LF freqs 190 to 415 kc for airway/marker/non-precision approach aids. I was obviously wrong, not that I give a BRA what they do in Eire, mind you.

15th Apr 2002, 22:11
Amsterdam "Classic Rock" on 828 is a decent listen.

Anyone know any further south?

15th Apr 2002, 22:22
LW/LF broadcast band covers 150-290 kc/s. Then up to around 430 reserved for avaition and I think marine navaids. There were (and are) however a few outside that band, is Lichfield still operational on 545 or Cranfield on 850?.

Red Snake
16th Apr 2002, 09:16
Long Wave broadcasting doesn't exist in N. America, hence the misunderstaning. No need to get ratty about it!

16th Apr 2002, 20:13
1215 AM Virgin