View Full Version : gozed.com or id90.com?

26th Nov 2012, 09:36
Color me ignorant, but how are we to go about getting a sign-in for either of these websites. I honestly haven't done much ID travel outside of my current and previous company, and am starting to now. I know some others are using these sites, and I would love to get in on the action. If you guys have the info, I'm happy to provide my relevant info to play. Thanks.


PS- I've been through everything on IJourney, and can't find it there, so I did put forth some effort!!

26th Nov 2012, 10:56
Come on guys, help me out! Trying to make some vacation plans.


26th Nov 2012, 11:33
Gozed was replaced by the selections available in intracx. id90.com go to "New to ID90.com? Become a member" would be the place to start.

If you are looking for loads, use http://www.tictas.com/schedule/checkAirAvailability.do to check the availability on amadeus. This is not 100% accurate as airlines can sub types away from what they published to the GDS.

26th Nov 2012, 12:13
On the ID90.com site, it says that becoming a member does not allow you access to the IFC suite, which is what I really want to use for viewing loads and eticketing. The link you provided looks good, but I don't understand the Amadeus codes for the loads. If I become a member of ID90, does this indeed give me access to the IFC program? I have tried to login using their instructions for CX, but to no avail. Thanks for the help.


26th Nov 2012, 14:38
For a minimal outlay, iD Traveller (http://www.idtraveller.com) gives what is probably the same info in a slightly more easily digested fashion.

26th Nov 2012, 15:21
Any chance of a screenshot?

27th Nov 2012, 09:34
Sorry cannot as my membership recently lapsed and I'm not doing any id travel for a while but you could share a sign in with a mate and it would cost you next to nothing. I used it for a year and thought it was handy both to check flight timetables between airports and loads.

Tornado Ali
13th Dec 2012, 13:26
I recommend ID Traveller. It is very informative and provides timely info on loads. Very useful for those traveling frequently on ID