View Full Version : A big Thank You to All Jet Blasters

Tartan Gannet
13th Apr 2002, 19:52
I have been overwhelmed by the good wishes of the many Jet Blasters who have either posted here or to my home e-mail concerning the accident to my father.

Im glad to say he is home having been kept in two nights for observation. No brain damage Thank God, no fractures just some bruises and injured pride.

He is resting at home, wants to left in peace for a week or so to come to terms with himself, (I did offer to fly to GLA), and then we have a holiday in Scarborough.

So panic over, but when you have an ageing parent of nearly 82 one fears the worst!

Again, thanks to all the Jet Blast and PPrune Family for your kind words and support.

God be with you all

TG:) :) :)

13th Apr 2002, 21:21
Sorry, TG, having been away the past few days I missed much of this. Be sure that my thoughts would have been with you.

Glad all appears well. My father is almost exactly the same age as yours. He is a worry much of the time...