View Full Version : Get on Board the "STRATOCRUISER TEAM"

Jim Reed
13th Apr 2002, 14:38
This great Boeing STRATOCRUISER of yesteryear is very soon making HER debut at EAST coast airshow at Millville Airport NJ USA south of Atlantic City NJ. This will be the only showing of this STRAT for some time as SHE will fly on to NYC area at hangar for work to be completed on the COLD WAR MUSEUM/EXIBIT inside her fuselage.We are always looking for interested folks to join our TEAM who might have good knowledge & training on this great proptransport of the past.Only 2 of these fine Boeing examples are still left in the WORLD that are AIRWORTHY! We hope to have HER complete(inside displays) for the 100th anniversery of flight in 2003.Get involved in a great aviation experiance & some sweet memories of an era gone by that will live again! Our new mission with this "STRAT" will be of history & education of the COLD WAR YRS. "Help Keep The Legacy Alive" See us at site for pics at www.spiritoffreedom.org Let us hear from interested folks