View Full Version : Which PPRuNer would you like to clone..?

13th Apr 2002, 12:15
.... and why! :eek:

13th Apr 2002, 12:23
You!!!!! :D :D :D

And Velvet, MisNomer (mum) & Dub's as he's already preserved by the alchohol anyway! :D ;)

13th Apr 2002, 12:50
Oooh AB..... who??

couldnt possibly comment


To use as a sex slave;) ;) ;)

13th Apr 2002, 12:52

Then I could stay at home, and let the clone go to work.

Tartan Gannet
13th Apr 2002, 19:54
Velvet, having met the pretty lady.

Huggie. Just imagine the intellectual arguments you could have with a Hug Monster about the house!

And what about a squadron of Slashers? Just the thing to go nightclubbing with!:D :D :D

Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 21:03
As long as the clone could be schizophrenic, with all respect, it would have to be a blend of the two mighty characters of Tartan Gannet and Mr Draper . Tartan for the wide, varied and intellectual repository that he has and Draper for the working mans club humour that he displays.

Kalium Chloride
13th Apr 2002, 23:00
Awwww, TC....you're too kind :D :D :D

14th Apr 2002, 01:48
I'd like to clone Techchick.

I like her attitude

:D :D :D

14th Apr 2002, 07:58
KC, what makes you think its you???:rolleyes:

oh, I know..it was that night of passion under the pier at Cleethorpes!!;)

Feeton Terrafirma
14th Apr 2002, 08:51
I like Techchicks attitude too ;)

Pier??? what pier? :(

14th Apr 2002, 09:34
AMEX, Flaps, ATCwatcher, OldBoy, Velvet, Xenia, Reddo, 6 in random order :D

The Nut Behind The Wheel
14th Apr 2002, 10:17
Brite and Breezy- she gets soooo embarrassed so easily, and if there were two of her, I could stir her twice as much (don't forget the cheese Breezy!)


Slasher- our minds share the same track (dirt). :eek:

14th Apr 2002, 10:45
Just a few thoughts:-

I wouldn't want most of the very lovely PPRuNe ladies to be cloned - my blood pressure couldn't take it! And anyway, since most of them appear to be taken, thus not requiring my "services", with my luck if I cloned them they would promptly disappear off with someone else! :(

One or two people I would love to clone so I could experiment with different ways of doing away with them - it's nice to have a supply of old plates around when you're trying out a new air pistol! :D

Anyway, enough of these uncharitable thoughts. A few I would clone just for the fun and amusement they provide...

Flaps (What would anyone give to have all the cabin crew be like that?)

14th Apr 2002, 10:56
nurries, FT.......
havent really been to cleethorpes for years!

Kalium Chloride
14th Apr 2002, 10:57
You can deny it all you like TC. Maybe you've got 'shell shock' :D :p

14th Apr 2002, 11:06
KC, you promised!!!!!!

If you tell any more secrets, I will tell them what your tattoo is and where it is!!:D

14th Apr 2002, 12:11

I prefer to be shaken...... not stirred!! ;)

Wow.... did you feel the Earth move then?????? :eek:

14th Apr 2002, 13:05
Nutty? thats me, hun!:D