View Full Version : Jetstar Engine Change - OOL?

19th Nov 2012, 03:11
In the goldy today noticed a jetstar 320/21 with a donk missing and a new one sitting next to it. What's the story?
Hope the boys have their zinc cream working in the big blue hangar!:}

19th Nov 2012, 11:16
Engine change? Surely not? Modern aircraft don't require that level of maintenance.
Perhaps Gold was found during a boroscope so the Execs quickly yanked the engine to remove the Gold and added it to there monthly bonus??

Capn Bloggs
19th Nov 2012, 11:54
Perhaps Gold was found during a boroscope
Got a bit low on the approach, did they?

Desert Busdriver
19th Nov 2012, 18:34
Engine changes are not quite out of the ordinary. Maybe offshoring work to OOL!

19th Nov 2012, 23:05
Or possibly a birdstrike.

30th Nov 2012, 19:12
on that day at 0800 the flight I was on OOL-HBA had a 'temp gauge fault' in the left engine. We taxied back in. The ginger beers lifted the cowls. Scratched their heads. We all got off and changed planes.