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13th Apr 2002, 06:43
I am trying to find a better quality picture of the one shown below. It seems that the picture belongs to the Smithsonian collection however, I am neither able to find out the ref number nor the picture itself on the smithsonian web site. :(


taken from www.warbirdsresourcegroup.org

Warning Star
13th Apr 2002, 08:06
The full-size photo comes from the following location:



15th Apr 2002, 23:39
Hi there
If you are interested in any pic's or docs re the ME 262 you will get all you want by looking in a book titled Me 262, STORMBIRD RISING by Hugh Morgan, isbn 1-85532-408-3 and printed by OSPREY AEROSPACE IN 1994.iT IS A super book .
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19th Apr 2002, 06:27
The picture has been manipulated. Note the much to bright background in the aft planes cockpit and the different shadow directions on the front and aft plane. (upper plane aft engine Nacelle is bright on the aft side facing to the photographer, front plane aft canopy faring is dark under the same angle of view)
Looks like the upper plane is just painted and the frond one is a photograph.

anyway its nice

19th Apr 2002, 14:16
That is why I want to find out where the picture originates. I am interested in finding out how the real pic looks like.

Thank you ppruners :)

19th Apr 2002, 16:08
There is a different photo of the upper aircraft (T-2-4012) on page 224 of War Prizes by Phil Butler published by Midland Counties Publications. The aircraft was surrendered to US Forces at Lechfeld, evaluated post war in the USA (the registration is a US allocation for a captured aircraft), and I believe is currently displayed at the Planes of Fame Museum, Chino, California. (www.planesoffame.org) Try them for more info.

24th Apr 2002, 02:48
I find the US tailnumber interesting (T-2-4012): I thought that all German captured airplanes had the designator FE (foreign evaluation). Additionally, I am puzzled that an obviously altered picture is in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution.

24th Apr 2002, 14:20
Again referring to Warprizes by Phil Butler, the ultimate book on such things - "After receipt at Wright Field, identities incorporating the letters EB (Evaluation Branch), FE (Foreign Equipment), or T2 ( the T-2 Office Of Air Force Intelligence) were painted on the aircraft. The identity numbers were unique to the aircraft and were rarely duplicated, although the prefixes EB, FE & T2 were valid on the same airframe at different times, as the intelligence organisation underwent changes" Thus T2-4012 is also referred to as FE-4012 in the book (still in print I believe, and available from Midland Counties Books in the UK). The actual aircraft has now been sold by Planes of Fame - possibly to Paul Allens Museum of Flight, Seattle. Look at www.stormbirds.com and click on the link for Watsons Whizzers for a detailed history and more photos (including one of it marked as FE-4012)

29th Apr 2002, 03:07
Moondance - thanks for the answers! I looked up your book on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk unfortunately it is out of print! Where did you get it from? Midland Counties Publications do not seem to have a website

(or I might just be getting blind...) :eek: :D

29th Apr 2002, 08:34
The website is www.midlandcountiessuperstore.com - this will then take you to the Ian Allen website (Midland now are part of the Ian Allen group). I've just had a look myself, but can't find the book listed. However, I was at the Midland Counties wharehouse (at Hinckley in the UK) for one of their recent bargain days (well worth a trip if you live within range - the most amazing selection of aviation, space, military & transport books ) and I think there were a few copies still on the shelves. Try ringing them (in the UK) on 01455 254450 or e-mail [email protected]. I got a copy about six months ago and it was half price at 15 - bargain!! ISBN is 0-904597-86-5 if it helps - good luck.

D Beaver
29th Apr 2002, 12:54

Goto www.abebooks.com (http://www.abebooks.com) and enter Phil Butler in the Author search field. Two copies of War Prizes currently listed - one in the UK and one in Oz.