View Full Version : Jetstar removes nearly all Check Captains!

Madame Bandit
17th Nov 2012, 00:59
Jetstar has allegedly sacked almost ĺ of its Check Captís from assessing day two of Sim checks and Initial line checks. People with 10-25 years of checking experience removed. People who created an atmosphere for line pilots to learn and become better pilots after each Sim session. Even the head of Airbus training can no longer do checks!!! WTF. :ugh:

What the hell is going on in that place? More to the point, what the hell is CASA DOING ABOUT IT??

Itís about time you lot got together and take this to your CEO Hrdlicka and by pass the half-wits that attempt to Ďmanageí Flt Ops. It appears as though the CP and his Cartel have lost it and the house of cards is falling in on them. They all need to be removed and promptly at that. Peopleís lives and careers are being put at serious risk.

How an airline can continue to operate with almost all of its Check Captís removed from checking completely beggarís belief.

Tick Tock Tick Tock

17th Nov 2012, 20:15
Well Jayne Hrdlicka always goes on about work life balance guess this is part of it just minus the work :rolleyes:

17th Nov 2012, 20:43
The others will probably come over to QLink for a bit of check and training in the next 12 - 18 months. There could be a bit going on. ;)

17th Nov 2012, 21:12
It depends on what they are trying to achieve.

If they are separating checking from training, then that could be a good thing.

I dont work for Jetstar but if they are trying to turn it into a big T organisation by separating checking from training then that might not be a bad thing.

There are some people who are excellent trainers, others that are excellent checkers, some (but not all) that are both.

In my opinion training and checking should be separate, checking should be a QA process to verify that the training is doing the right thing...

Standing by for incoming!

17th Nov 2012, 21:23
Is this crazy or what?

While there are still check captains, what kind of check and compliance is left?:eek:

mates rates
17th Nov 2012, 21:32
Look no further than the history of the CP for your answer !!

Capt Kremin
17th Nov 2012, 23:35
Is expansion on hold? Seems like the only reason to do it.

17th Nov 2012, 23:45
Perhaps with the introduction of more modern aircraft such as the 787, which by the way require less maintenance, there is also less training in flight systems required which in turns means less checkies are needed? None of this would have anything to do with cost cutting or lowering the bar of course!

Capt Kremin
18th Nov 2012, 00:03
Ahhh of course. Modern pilots don't need as much training as before. Silly me!

clear to land
18th Nov 2012, 03:20
In most companies the Checker tends to be one of the more senior trainers before becoming a checker. By default this implies they should be the best trainers-more exposure/experience. If the individual is not then they should be removed from both roles immediately. A checker should be able to identify the problems, apply remedial training and then reassess unless the candidate has major faults. If so, the checkers training ability should allow them to identify appropriate remedial training so that the required standard is reached. If you can't train then you can't do this. On a side note a Check and Trainer-or TRE where I am, allows the most operational flexibilty from an operational (Company) point of view as there is no job they can't do.

21st Nov 2012, 07:04
Look no further than the history of the CP for your answer !!
Very true, although watch this space my friend. The wine bottle and a number of others are shortly going to be tipped off the table onto their heads. :oh:

Flava Saver
21st Nov 2012, 07:47
....watch this space for sure. :D

Pith Helmet
22nd Nov 2012, 04:25
It is all part of a divide and conquer strategy. Break the place apart, section by section, entity by entity, group by group and department by department until you have a fractured environment where supporting each other actually becomes a battle for life. This style of management is nothing new, but just remember what happenned to Napoleon, what happened to Alexandar the Great, what happenned to mighty Rome? Short, smart people (supposedly) who thought they were indestructable, insurmountable and untouchable.

Green wave
22nd Nov 2012, 22:54
Check Captains need to reapply every 2 years. How many times do you walk into a check and the checkie says "well there are SOP's then there is my way - today we are doing it my way". They need to clean out 'that other airline' as well, I heard they are sacking a guy for speaking up about corruption in the flight operations department. I think they have picked on the wrong guy - I hope he we hear about it on 60 minutes. All of these checking gods...do any of them have an Education degree? degree in anything? just instructing like they did in the military days hey? it would be awful to change

22nd Nov 2012, 23:05
I heard they are sacking a guy for speaking up about corruption in the flight operations department-Gf8NK1WAOc

23rd Nov 2012, 03:12
Could be interesting in the context of Airbuses for QFLink. A completely new external check/training provider for Jetstar and QFLink for combined Airbus fleets?

23rd Nov 2012, 03:17
Sounds like bingo!

23rd Nov 2012, 09:14
In my opinion training and checking should be separate, checking should be a QA process to verify that the training is doing the right thing...

Dehavillanddriver, not sure why you are standing by for incoming., your statement is spot on!
Training departments should be assessing through constant feedback, things such as, is the training relevant? does the training need to be further developed? is it adequate and in some cases is it really required?
Checking departments should be assessing the competencies set by the training department and regulators.

You are spot on also with the fact that some people are born trainers, they have a passion to impart knowledge and are masters at doing it. Some people are great at assessing but cannot impart knowledge. Some can wear both hats.

The QA department can ensure that each department is meeting its objectives and ensure adequate feedback to better the process.