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I. M. Esperto
12th Apr 2002, 21:47
Not me. [cough, hack, wheeze]


Dutch Doctor Identifies Post-Orgasmic Syndrome
Apr 12 2002 1:42PM

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Tired and sweaty after sex? A Dutch doctor said on Friday he is studying a rare new syndrome among middle-aged men who complain of flu-like symptoms for up to a week after having an orgasm.
Marcel Waldinger, head of the department of psychiatry and neurosexology at Leyenburg Hospital in the Hague, said he planned to publish a report on "post-orgasmic illness syndrome" in the U.S. Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy this month.

Waldinger has seen five Dutch men in as many years in his surgery complaining of a range of flu-like symptoms, including a sore throat, sweating, extreme fatigue and eye irritation after sex.

"Men developed influenza-like symptoms within minutes of having an orgasm. It is like having a serious flu. This happens as soon as they have an orgasm," said Waldinger.

"It is a new syndrome or a syndrome which is old but has not been looked at properly."

The syndrome could be a physical disorder caused by an allergic reaction or the immune system in direct response to the release of chemicals in the body after sex. The symptoms lasted between three and seven days, he said.

"We know that during orgasm and ejaculation very specific compounds like hormones are released into the nervous system. One hypothesis is that they might have had an allergic reaction to one of those compounds," Waldinger said.

04/12/02 13:40 ET


12th Apr 2002, 22:00
Oh dear me, poor little darlings,....

...what a shame! :p

Always knew they were the weaker sex!!!!! ;) :D


12th Apr 2002, 22:05
Whenever I find myself with flu-like symptoms, I always find they can be alleviated simply by rolling over, [email protected], having a fag and snoring in an annoyingly loud and satisfied manner. Always wake up feeling bright and breezy.:cool: :cool: :cool:

Maybe the Dutchies should take a leaf out of my book.:D

12th Apr 2002, 22:12
BriteandBreezy: you make me sick! (In my dreams, anyway....)

12th Apr 2002, 22:24
Quite simple really!

Men have to stop climbing the highest mountains and swimming the widest rivers, for the one they love ....... or,

.... when sneaking out to the neighbours place at night, at least, wait until the rain has stopped. :p

12th Apr 2002, 23:48
Rubbish. If that were the case i'd had flu 7 times a day. My wrist hurts a little though.:p

13th Apr 2002, 01:45

hahahahaha..... nice one fourthreethree... made me laff anyway!!;)

As for you Huck,... that's not dreams.... that's NITEMARES... you gotta stop eating cheese before ya go to bed!!!!

Incidentally... I wouldn't be making ya sick in ya sleep sweetie!! :p

somewhatconcerned..... behaveeeeeee, you'll get Repetitive Strain Injury!! :eek: ;)


13th Apr 2002, 03:07
All those symptoms are the kind of allergic response some people get when they are near furry animals - which begs the question, "To whom had these Dutch gentlemen most recently made love?";)

The Nut Behind The Wheel
13th Apr 2002, 03:35
These cold/flu symptoms. The last time I had a dose of the flu was about 3 years ago, and I am married.

Now what do you think that says?

Hey Breezy- your remark about eating cheese before bedtime reminds me of the topic MS had us all going for re English hygiene and oral sex. YUM YUM!

:D :D :p

13th Apr 2002, 03:53


...you've made me feel sick now!!!!! :eek: :(


The Nut Behind The Wheel
13th Apr 2002, 04:07
Hey Breezy!

The morning hasn't been a total waste of time then!

Maybe you should cut back on the amount of cheese you have been eating, and that sick feeling will pass!



13th Apr 2002, 04:24
OMG...... Ya makin me blush!!!!!!!!

I .... errrrrrrrm.... I've gorra errrmmmmm..... well I'm ermmmmmm...

..slightly allergic to cheese!!! :o :( :eek:

The Nut Behind The Wheel
13th Apr 2002, 04:28
Well, you should take more notice of Dr. Nut's advice in future then!

Just wait whilst I slip on my rubber gloves for the examination!

:D :D

13th Apr 2002, 06:53
"Men developed influenza-like symptoms within minutes of having an orgasm. It is like having a serious flu. This happens as soon as they have an orgasm," said Waldinger.

Off course they do, stupid as they are. This is kid-stuff or common knowledge for the Vikings; Just close the window or pull the blanket around your behind.

Ahh, so you want to see what you`re doing. Then, buy yourself a water-bed. They all come with a heating element. 33C in the middle of January should take care of it, and you can drop it to around 30 after Easter.

13th Apr 2002, 09:06
Is briteandbreezy a woman to be sneezed at? :D

13th Apr 2002, 11:37

I'm ermmmm.... allergic to rubber gloves!!!!! :p


[email protected]!!! :D
(horrendous when ya wake up in the morning and discover the thermostat has packed up tho :eek: )


Who knows!?!?!?! *sigh* :rolleyes: ;)

13th Apr 2002, 11:48
Like er .... how would you tell whats snot and whatsnot??:eek: :D

13th Apr 2002, 12:27
I came home last week, sneezed, coughed, said I had a heachache and now my wife wants a divorce......;)

13th Apr 2002, 17:02

..........allergic to rubber? Then there is no reason to get excited over [email protected] And if you have a tendency to get sea-sick - forget it:p In which case I can recommend The Mile High Club...............Don`t say you hate flying;)

14th Apr 2002, 14:00

..just rubber gloves!!!! ;)

..yep.... i DO get sea-sick too!!!!
(never found I had that prob in a waterbed tho!! ;) )

..I simply lurveeeeee flying!! :D