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13th Nov 2012, 22:24
Just curious, many years ago when the RAFM were having a clear out prior to leaving RAF Henlow I purchased an Air Traffic Control cabin built on the back of a 1956 Austin 3 litre truck. Registration number was VXN 890.
It was kept for a number of years at North Weald Airfield, Essex as part of the 39 Restoration Group set up and was gradually bought back to running condition. Regrettably when the group folded word got out to the local "yoof" and all the glass was smashed one night. It passed into the hands of a well know local scrap dealer who dealt mainly in aircraft scrap from a yard at Stock. I was later told that it had been sold on and was at an airfield in Glos. Any info on its current whereabouts or condition? Only had 189 miles on the clock when it went though the tin worm had had a good feast in places.