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12th Apr 2002, 20:30
I think it's about time that JB contributors thought more about the major issues and less about the individual personalities herein.

While it may be good sport and entertainment to focus on various characters who may came and go, it seems to me that concentrating our minds on those timeless enigmas of the universe may well be better time spent.

For example:

When Popeye the Sailor Man said "I am what I am and that's all that I am." ...what did he mean?


"Is mathematics discovered or invented?"


"Does Newton or Bernoulli lift an aircraft?"


"How can altruism benefit the individual?"

Enough. Simply to see how long it lasts, this thread is dedicated to the big questions. We want no answers here. Ask your deep question...answer none. (The aim is to encourage thinking about the question.)

Ask away! Answer not!

(With whom, in the Brady Bunch, was Carol in love?)


12th Apr 2002, 21:12
So what happened to sex, drugs and rock 'n roll? :D

12th Apr 2002, 21:17
you people should drink more beer
from "Calvin and Hobbes"

What did the Author meant by that? :confused:

12th Apr 2002, 21:48
No answers, only questions? OK, I can do that. :)

Why do quite a few males here complain about the lack of *** in their life/marriage without seemingly ever looking at their own abilities, or lack of same, as a possible contributing factor to said low frequency?

12th Apr 2002, 22:08

Would a fly without wings be called a walk? :confused: ;)


12th Apr 2002, 22:11
Flaps.....bwaahahahaahaahhah tee hee hee hee

Hmm, lack of sex is because I have said no.


Any way, the Ducati is here soon. :p

12th Apr 2002, 22:33
What is Cottlestone Pie?! :confused:

12th Apr 2002, 22:39
Why do fools fall in love?:confused:

12th Apr 2002, 23:09
Did anyone expect the Spanish Inquisition?

13th Apr 2002, 02:51
If a skydiver jumped from his aircraft and his parachute failed to open would he be jumping to a conclusion????


Sliding member
13th Apr 2002, 03:12
If a mime shot himself would you hear it?

13th Apr 2002, 03:18
How Long is a chinese man?

13th Apr 2002, 03:30

Through difficulties to the cinema

13th Apr 2002, 05:49
You talkin' to me, Flaps? You talkin' to me?

13th Apr 2002, 07:29
Ask away! Answer not! ;)

Four Seven Eleven
13th Apr 2002, 08:37
Why is a town in Arizona?

Four Seven Eleven
13th Apr 2002, 08:39
Why is a young heifer?

13th Apr 2002, 11:23
If man evolved from monkeys and apes,..........

... why do we still have monkeys and apes?

tony draper
13th Apr 2002, 12:00
I wish I was a Dolphin. ;)

13th Apr 2002, 12:36
How would Drapes opperate a 'puter' if he was a dolphin?

13th Apr 2002, 13:52
Where have my keys gone?:confused:

13th Apr 2002, 14:19
If forty two is the answer, what is the question?

13th Apr 2002, 14:36
Why is the letter after x?

13th Apr 2002, 14:57
Why is a river in Wales?

Travelling Toolbox
13th Apr 2002, 15:22
If I had a 180 degree bend in my wedding tackle, would I be coming or going??

13th Apr 2002, 15:29
If my aunt has b***s - is she then my uncle?;)

13th Apr 2002, 15:53
If I ask too many pointed questions am I a barbed whyer????

13th Apr 2002, 16:17
How many roads must a man walk down?

13th Apr 2002, 17:11
If you are not paranoid, does that mean nobody is out to get you?:cool:

13th Apr 2002, 17:28
why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

13th Apr 2002, 17:30
What is the point of wasps?

13th Apr 2002, 18:21
Returning from a campaign Napoleon sent a despatch rider forward to Josephine with the message "Paris in three days, don't wash." Why?


13th Apr 2002, 19:06
What Key does a miner sing in?

14th Apr 2002, 08:25
Why 42?

Tartan Gannet
14th Apr 2002, 13:15
Rainbow, there IS an answer to the Napoleon question but I dont think you REALLY want to read it.:D

14th Apr 2002, 17:09
Thanks TG, I'll trust your judgement. I really don't want to know.

Now that all of the really really big questions have been asked (many thanks folks) there is little left to do but quietly terminate this thread.

How? ...by asking a question or two to which an answer or two is invited and indeed welcomed. After which this thread will self destruct as it wanted "no answers here".

ok, for the statistically inclined, amateur or otherwise, The Questions:

What is the typical ratio or percentage of JB posts to JB views?
How does this compare to said ratio of what might be called er..ah.. a controversial thread on JB?

Now, how to kill the thread?

if it is true that you are our moderator then I would be honoured if you would lock this thread upon receipt of a satisfactory attempt to answer the above. (Would this be your first turning of the key?)


14th Apr 2002, 17:15
What does the number four smell like?

14th Apr 2002, 17:34
Is a tomahawk a vegetable of prey?

14th Apr 2002, 17:35
Do you have to have a Rainbowl to catch Rainbowels?

14th Apr 2002, 18:13
Who put the bomp in bomp-sh-bomp? Or for that matter, who put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong?:confused:

14th Apr 2002, 18:28
What is the opposite?

15th Apr 2002, 06:22
If flying is so safe, why do they call the airport the terminal?


What is the speed of dark?


PPRuNe Radar
15th Apr 2002, 09:55
If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons ?? ;)

15th Apr 2002, 11:53
Why is "dyslexic" so hard to spell? Sadists?

15th Apr 2002, 12:02
What happens to the socks that get lost in the washing machine?

Why is this thread continuing even after rainbow tried to end it?

15th Apr 2002, 15:28
:D Why! Why! Why! Delilah?:D

Big Tudor
15th Apr 2002, 15:49
Is there a pot of gold at the end of Rainbow???

16th Apr 2002, 04:10
Are women (n)ever happy?

16th Apr 2002, 07:01
If Mr Draper did become a dolphin, would his life have porpoise?

16th Apr 2002, 10:08
Is there no stopping us?

Through difficulties to the cinema

16th Apr 2002, 11:28
If half of all, is equal all of the half, what is all :confused:

16th Apr 2002, 16:46
If it is 0 degrees C today, and tomorrow is twice as cold, what will the temperature be?

16th Apr 2002, 17:21
If someone asks you to "turn the air conditioning up", do you make it colder or hotter?

16th Apr 2002, 17:28
if draper became a dolphin he might become Dauphin...God forbid.:eek:

16th Apr 2002, 20:09
Do fleas have fleas?

17th Apr 2002, 05:37
As my grandfather was fond of asking "If a brick weighs seven pounds plus a half a brick how much does a brick and a half weigh?"

Through difficulties to the cinema

Gunner B12
17th Apr 2002, 12:54

Why am I so tempted to answer the questions?????

If there's no such thing as a free meal, How much does it cost?

If you are schizophrenic can you ever be truly alone?

If the universe is infinite what is it expanding into?

I think I need to lie down!

:confused: :confused: :confused:

17th Apr 2002, 13:16
Why do birds suddenly appear?? And what sort of birds are they?? I mean...that's pretty relevant...are they cute little bluebirds...or messy noisy seagulls...or magpies during spring that are likely to take your head off???


17th Apr 2002, 13:39
Why is it, that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day...

...but if you teach him how to fish, he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day?? :p

17th Apr 2002, 14:45
Of Thomas A Becket did Henry II ask "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome post?"?

Big Tudor
17th Apr 2002, 14:48
Why is abbreviation such a long word??