View Full Version : I'm embarrased about Sydney airport for many reasons but...

12th Nov 2012, 11:36
I haven't walked through international for a while but did today. Coming out of the security area you are forced into an overwhelming maze of shopping with no clear path through the hordes of sales assistants trying to spray you with something.

The blatant attempt to sell - sell - sell is a disgrace. The stands of duty free items in the aisles block all movement and it becomes a desperate fight to find a clear path to freedom. A total mess of people trying to get to a gate , a lack of signage and deliberate confusion by placement of stands leads to a scene from hell.

Please can we re-nationalise the airports and end the madness?

I can't take it anymore.

The end.

12th Nov 2012, 11:48
5m past security into the duty free chaos take a hard right. This will pop you out the other side in no time and on the way there is a great Victoria secrets add on the wall to cheer you up after the painful experience of "security"

12th Nov 2012, 11:50
Seriously it's the most blatant 'forced shopping" attempt I've ever seen. Total pandemonium. 5m hard right....I'll remember that...