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12th Nov 2012, 02:34
Ha:} Anyone want to run a tote on this actually getting up?

Max the Axe has blown up, so will the residents of Kurnell, Cronulla and Woolooware.

Good on Mike for offering a solution, I'm sure he's keen on it as it is nowhere near his electorate.

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird backs more runways, no new airport for Sydney | thetelegraph.com.au (http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/national/nsw-treasurer-mike-baird-backs-more-runways-no-new-airport-for-sydney/story-fndo28a5-1226514736234)

AN ambitious plan to build a fourth and fifth runway at Sydney Airport on reclaimed land in Botany Bay has won the backing of state Treasurer Mike Baird.

By declaring it a worthwhile option to break the impasse over a second hub, Mr Baird has radically departed from his boss Premier Barry O'Farrell, who called for Canberra airport to be expanded and linked to Sydney by a high-speed rail network.

"We should consider the proposal in detail," Mr Baird said.

"It would seem an opportunity to maximise existing infrastructure without impacting the curfew before new infrastructure is needed."

The Sydney Airport expansion, originally proposed a decade ago by IAC Aviation, was costed at $5.2 billion - or half the cost of a second airport - in this year's joint federal-state study on Sydney aviation capacity.

The proposal for Sydney Airport South includes developing two parallel runways each up to 4000m in length, separated by 760m in the southern part of Botany Bay.

The runways will be between Cronulla and Sutherland on the west side and Kurnell on the east, where residents already have to put up with an oil refinery, the existing airport, a desalination plant and sewage run-off.

Mr Baird said he believed the Sydney Airport company, federal and state governments could all contribute to the cost of funding the plan.

The latest development in the airport saga comes as The Daily Telegraph has learned that the federal government's own study into its preferred site for a second hub at Wilton has raised serious concerns about the project's viability.

"It's essentially not going to end up where the government wants it to," one aviation industry source said. A senior federal government source confirmed: "There are issues around the site, there'll be a lot of environmental (issues)."

The proposed Wilton site is near a water catchment area which supplies Sydney and Wollongong. Coal mining could also cause subsidence and there are issues surrounding the cost of construction of transport links.

Federal Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese rejected Badgerys Creek as an option for a second airport because marginal state and federal seats would be impacted.

Mr Albanese declined to speculate on the Wilton study, due early next year, saying he had "yet to receive the report in any form as the study was still under way".

But he backed away from Sydney Airport South, saying it would only lead to greater congestion.

"Without a second airport, this congestion will only get worse," Mr Albanese said. "The Joint Aviation Study showed that by next year, morning peak trains will be at capacity before they reach the airport stations."

Meanwhile, Mr O'Farrell appeared to stymie his own Canberra plan when the state government approved the Tralee housing development near Canberra airport earlier this month.

Sydney Airport chairman Max Moore-Wilton, who is also an Infrastructure NSW board member, attacked the latest expansion plan and said the government should take up a recommendation in the joint federal-state study to increase landings per hour up from the cap of 80.

"Even an increase of five movements per hour would make a difference," he said.

"You don't build infrastructure if you don't need it.

"Sydney Airport's not short of capacity, it's restricted.

"It's an absolute disgrace."

It's understood Infrastructure NSW chairman Nick Greiner reiterated his support for a second airport at a Lebanese Chamber of Commerce function on Friday night.

"If I lived in western Sydney, I'd want a western sydney airport in 25 or 30 years," Mr Greiner said.

"People like Parramatta City Council should be supportive of it," he added.

12th Nov 2012, 03:52
It has two chances from what I can see...

F... all, and None! :hmm:

12th Nov 2012, 04:13
Run it up the flag pole , see who salutes. Cue: tumble weeds and crickets chirping.
Not a chance.

12th Nov 2012, 04:40
Nice one I wont have to leave the shire at all, now they can close off the bridges.

12th Nov 2012, 07:50
What an international disgrace of a circus!
No more curfew and no more poofy noise sharing rules and half of the problems go away!


12th Nov 2012, 07:58
I saw the map in the paper today and the first thing that pops out at a lowly ppl such as myself is the new eastern runway is directly inline with the current 34L-16R. Did the pollies run the plan past anyone who knows the slightest bit about aviation?

12th Nov 2012, 08:59
Dick smith panning this joke on radio today .

The The
12th Nov 2012, 09:14

In the big folder that Mike's carrying it says to save money the 16L ILS will remain in use. From the minima, pilots will track visually down the runway (soon to be a Westfield Mall), across the bridge for RWY 16LeftLittleBitRightSouth, or is it RWY 16RightLittleBitRightSouth. Not to be confused with RWY 16RightLittleBitMoreRightSouth. SODPROPS will also remain in use but the acronym will be lengthened.

12th Nov 2012, 11:57
This will be tomorrow's idea...


12th Nov 2012, 13:28

12th Nov 2012, 18:06
Ejectx3, what a cracking idea! I bet the Feetwet boys will be right into that! lol

clark y
12th Nov 2012, 19:30
Let's go a step further and just fill the whole bay, have the revolving runways then determine the runway direction as per the current methods. You'd be able to set your watches from space.

Mud Skipper
12th Nov 2012, 20:22
What's with the 'New Habitat Area', are they going to have a purpose breeding area for kamikaze pelicans to supply squadrons of large birds on final :}:}:}

12th Nov 2012, 21:22
Wow, that looks big.....not.

Pollies should stick to what they know.........oh hang on a

12th Nov 2012, 23:51
Solution: Banish every aircraft larger than a BAE 146 to aerodromes outside Sydney. Rip up the current runways and replace with N16LL, N16LC, N16RC, N16CL, N16CC, N16CR, N16RL, N16RC and N16RR and equivalent S runway 16's.
Sydney's transportation infrastructure is a mess! It's not just the air transport, but road and rail as well. Politicians have kicked the Sydney transportation infrastructure cans so far down the road, that they are about to cause a complete blockage. They might have to look to the Berlin airlift for ideas soon.

Mstr Caution
13th Nov 2012, 00:07
An Aiport at Towra Point Nature Reserve ???

Perhaps the pollies should have a look at the Japan & China - Australia Migratory Bird Agreement.

Located here: Japan (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan%E2%80%93Australia_Migratory_Bird_Agreement)

There is already an air service to Towra Point Operated each summer by the "Red Necked Stint" from Western Alaska.

Other regular services are operated by the "Eastern Curlew" from North East Siberia & the "Tern" from China & Japan.



13th Nov 2012, 04:30
Wow some real Greenies on PPrune:ok:

13th Nov 2012, 04:46
and after a 15 hour flight, arriving at the shops in the shire...


13th Nov 2012, 04:49
I wont have to ever leave the shire!!! :}

Jokes aside, why cant they extend the 34R/16L runway into botany bay and get rid of the carpark north of the 16L/34R runway so that A380's can land on it?

13th Nov 2012, 05:55
After so many years it is so obvious to all that Badgery's Creek is the only answer.:ugh:
But of course the "marginal seats" never feel the pain.:yuk:

Howard Hughes
13th Nov 2012, 09:21
My idea is a second 07/25 at the Southern end of 16L/34R extending into the ports area. Additional port capacity can be built at Newcastle/Port Kembla.:ok:

Or for a total Greenfields airport, build it in the Royal National Park, four parralell runways oriented in the East/West direction!:eek:

13th Nov 2012, 13:38
After so many years it is so obvious to all that Badgery's Creek is the only answer

Then what do you do with the Training area for BK and CN? Might as well shut both of them down as well, majority of traffic at those airports are flight schools. Relocating training areas then becomes to big of a cost to run, forcing relocating into the hunter regions airports or closing the business, which then makes the airports unprofitable as all the hangars and building will be vacant and you destroy all of GA in Sydney.

14th Nov 2012, 06:26
Anyone have a copy of the concept plan for Taren Point Airport development that was suggested in the sixties & seventies???

23rd Nov 2012, 10:15
What about turning the Kingsway at Miranda into a runway, that would save Sydney airports building another shopping center & they could use K Mart auto as the new worlds best practice MRO, for the whole south pacific region.

23rd Nov 2012, 20:07
What about turning the Kingsway at Miranda into a runway, that would save Sydney airports building another shopping center & they could use K Mart auto as the new worlds best practice MRO, for the whole south pacific region.

You realised if a PM is on this forum you have just put forward another idea :}


stubby jumbo
23rd Nov 2012, 21:34
.......finally some rational,logical debate on Sydney's second airport.

Of course -the Shire is a no brainer ! Why?

1. Take the De-Sal plant ($2 billion)out of moth balls and convert into a "multi functional hub".

2. Lots of Av-Gas close by -saving on transport and pumping charges

3. Straight stretch of road-The Kingsway - easily convertible to accommodate A380's etc. Wooloware road could be used for synops (when the southerly is blowing)

4. Plenty of immigration officials available in Cronulla Mall. Needless to say it will assist with our "Border Protection"-issues.

5. Lara Bingle could be our Ambassador. "Where the bloody hell are ya?":D

Yep- the Shire............GODS OWN

24th Nov 2012, 04:09
Is this why they're turning SIT into Miranda Fair?

24th Nov 2012, 05:21
Fill in Botany Bay and turn it into a giant airport. Screw the rare midget saltwater slime mould, or whatever is there now - the bay hasn't been 'natural' since the Tank Stream was last able to supply the entire colony with fresh water.

24th Nov 2012, 06:20
keep it sensible Mr tin Miranda already has the infrastructure, filling in the bay is just silly:)