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12th Apr 2002, 17:32
Good grief said Charlie Brown, I need to see the trick cyclist because there is more time spent discussing broken bones than anything else on the TV news and in the papers.

I do not give the F*** of a monkey!!!

The sooner that football is banned, the better. It causes serious damage not only to the grey matter but also to media companies who actually believe that people are interested in this damn pastime. I think that it should be banned because less than 50% of the population watch it. After all this seems to be the new "New Labour" way to ban things!!

GerOff!! :mad:

Ducks Head

Big Tudor
12th Apr 2002, 18:11
Less than 50% of the population have heard of Sir Clifford of Richard but it don't stop the TV bosses from wheeling him out on a regular basis. ;)

12th Apr 2002, 18:22
Now you know how it feels to have a particular subject rammed down your throat all bloody day/week!

I am of course referring to a particular funeral/death that has kept the Israel/Afgahnistan/Iraq off the headline news for the past week, not to mention the NHS and post office etc.