View Full Version : Howes decides members not Wirth much?

5th Nov 2012, 12:33
Paul Howes (AWU National Secretary) dating Olivia Wirth (Qantas Spin Guru) as reported in the media suggests to me that credibility, integrity and genuine representation of workers in our Industry has been abandoned by at least one Union (AWU). Good luck to them both in their relationship, but they should both resign from their positions as neither of them can defend a conflict of interest argument.

owen meaney
5th Nov 2012, 12:35
Third try for this scurrilous story

5th Nov 2012, 12:55
I am sure this thread will be locked like the other two but I imagine a number of AWU members would see a clear public interest in the publishing of a story intimating that the National Secretary of THEIR union is intimately involved with a member of the QANTAS Executive who has continually been in the public arena seeking to discredit their colleagues.

Hypocrisy seems to know no bounds in the current Australian political power game.