View Full Version : End of an era for last airworthy Vulcan

3rd Nov 2012, 05:44
Looks like the time is fast approaching.

BBC News - Vulcan Bomber XH558: 'Grace and style' in the sky (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-south-yorkshire-19952395)

3rd Nov 2012, 08:54
Looks like the time is fast approaching.

End of next year.

4th Nov 2012, 23:34
We will soon have more Threads on this than airframe hours on 558.

Phileas Fogg
5th Nov 2012, 14:44
The article seems no more than a begging letter!

Sir George Cayley
5th Nov 2012, 21:23
Everything comes to an end. The last Vulcan is no different. It might have in two years time or twenty. Makes no difference in the end everything stops.



24th Nov 2012, 15:59
Phileas.. no it's not.. they are admitting that enough is enough ! Shame though.... fabulous aeroplane