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pants on fire...
11th Apr 2002, 23:41
It would appear that rather than reducing the volume of posts from Morris, during his brief banishment, it has in fact had the opposite effect and the "thing" has cloned, into multiple personalities, and multiple entities. :eek:

The challenge now will be to identify the replicants as they appear and continue to praise their master and source.

This looks like it might turn into something like Blade-Runner, as the escaped rogue genetic copies do the only thing they know how! Alternately, it might be more like the Exorcist?

So keep an eye out. The clones are already out there. ;)

Scientists believe that genetic weaknesses will become amplified in the clones. This may offer the means of identifying them.

I am afraid we have entered the arena of the cyber-sycophant, PPRuNe's own Twilight Zone! :D

12th Apr 2002, 17:19
' Brief!!!! ' banishment??!!?? Do I hear the mournful wailing cry... 'It'ssss baaaack!!' as appropriate music ( resonant organ dirge) rings out.

No not it again, the creature from the swamp. Tell me more, where was the sighting? What did it say? Obviously the stake garlic and silver bullet are not enough, I thought the sunlight... but apparently not. I must move on and search the threads for clues as to what this message means POF.

12th Apr 2002, 20:23
there heeeeeeere


12th Apr 2002, 20:38
Mr Pants

I have noticed that you have posted two threads,both polls on our good friend Mr Suter.I am not a psychiatrist,but I suggest you seek urgent professional help to overcome your obvious fixation for our beloved Moritz.

As 5Mo asked you the question,so do I.What is it exactly that Mr Suter has done to you,to provoke such a terrible campaign,and assult on his tongue in cheek postings.MORRIS SEWER THE GAME was not very imaginative,and WHERES MORRIS HOW MANY CLONES is fairing no better.

I think you have been stunned by the amount of people who readily agreed that life without Moritz, in JB,would be somewhat duller.There is no doubt that Mr Suter has touched a nerve in all of us,but you appear to be OBSESSED with him!!Your rantings and ravings about him being a her,suddenly changed to him being some sort of cyber fantasy.I ask myself,which one of you has lost all sense of reality.You have become like Clouseau`s boss in the pink panther films,repeating to yourself,I MUST GET MORITZ.

A good idea for a new thread,would surely be,HOW DID MORITZ GET SO FAR UP POF`S NOSE.I must ask you,did you have a date that went horribly wrong?

pants on fire...
13th Apr 2002, 00:21
I refer the honourable Gentleman to my earlier (referenced) reply (5MO)!:)

Nostradamus, in your more familiar guise, you are indeed a fine fellow. I appreciate your concern for Mary, but I feel that you're sympathies will be wasted, as she reveals her true colours to you at some future date, but then as you are a Seer, I'm sure you've already seen that! ;)

I thank you for your concern about my perceived obsession with Morris/Mary, but I assure you that it is neither obsession, nor fixation on your "beloved" Sewer.

However, in the same vein, we might take just 1 second of your valuable time to consider Nostradamus' own, singular, obsession on this topic?

(From Nostradamus) I don`t mean to sound like a one man fan club...

I'm still waiting to be stunned though! ;)

Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 00:45
Your turn Nostradamus!:D

pants on fire...
13th Apr 2002, 01:02
This discussion may take some time, as Nostadamus will always know what we're thinking, or going to write, before we do! ;)

Never debated a Seer before.... :)

Hugh De Payen
13th Apr 2002, 01:06
Witty indeed, Mr Pants

13th Apr 2002, 08:07
Could be tricky POF as you have rightfully pointed out. The man who saw tommorrow, is always going to be a step ahead of the game and the Hydra has so many alter egos it is difficult knowing who is and who isn't.
A right hall of mirrors to be wandering around in. HdeP was the subject of a conversation Morris had ealier regarding those on the square. The Grand master had company I believe? certainly it was a subject Morris took part in.
It would seem that there are ppruners who do enjoy Morris's company and she does afford a good sparring partner even if the subject matter is generaly chosen for it's ability to arouse upset or disgust.

Moritz Suter
13th Apr 2002, 09:55
You know, Mr. Paterbrat, I generally try to ignore Mr. Fire since he is, so unmistakably, not playing with a full deck, but you are quite another matter entirely. You write beautifully, and that I disagree with most of what you write is subordinate to the pleasure I glean from reading it.

Mr. Fire, on the other hand, is trite, offensive and sullen. He has, as would seem likely, taken a singular offence at me which he evidently feels may be best managed by insult, innuendo and good old-fashioned rudeness.

While one can only speculate as to what feculent barnyard, which orphanage, or perhaps corrupt catholic priest with inclinations toward paedophilia has been responsible for Mr. Fire during his sadly derelict formative years, it pleases me in an increasingly familiar and melancholy way, Mr. Paterbrat, that your attentions are, at least, civil.


13th Apr 2002, 10:22

Thank you for your reply,although obviously I knew what you were going to write before you did!!.

I in turn appreciate your concern that moritz may show a different set of colours in the future, please rest assured that I have had a good look ahead,and FRIENDLY banter is the only thing I see. As for my alleged obsession with MS you are quite wrong, however I will admit to alway's backing the underdog and I dont like to see witch hunts and mob bullying.

On the other hand, would it be possible for you to perhap's explain your very healthy interest in Mr suter, I of course being a seer already know, but I also know that there are a few other people who would like to be enlightend!!


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13th Apr 2002, 13:05

it is my sad duty to report that MORITZ really has been STRUCK OFF this news will please some of you , and sadden others.

I do not know who he has upset this time,but I suppose in truth he did sail close to the wind. I hope his ship has the good fortune to find fair weather..........................

The Mistress
13th Apr 2002, 15:18

It's about time Danny finally did something about that milicious piece of gutter trash.

The final straw was MS & The Clones calling Flaps a "Harpie" and posting a particularly offensive link, aimed directly at Flaps, whom I have always found fair and even-handed - even to those who abuse her.

Danny has met Flaps at many functions. He's never met Mortiz & The Clones, as far as I am aware.

Several bridges too far Moritz. There is a 'line' and you crossed it some time ago. I've never lived in London and I've never been involved in the occupation you accused me of. I took great delight in reporting your offensive posts to the Moderators. Look where it got you. IMHO you are evil.

Much love
The M

13th Apr 2002, 18:30
I'm Moritz Suter

13th Apr 2002, 23:50
No, I am and so is my wife.....

and why don't we have a suitably chilling MUWAHAHAHAHA emoticon?

Moritz and Mrs. Moritz:D