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Hugh De Payen
11th Apr 2002, 21:39
I read with some interest the thread regarding the disappearance of Tony Draper and wonder whether he has also noticed what appears to me. a lack in topic posts. I will not criticise the moderators as I think they do an excellent job in keeping the software updated and alsp policing the forums, However, I look through the forums and wonder whether 'Prunes' are being put off by the new look as there does appear to be a lack in new topics and replies, hence the concerns of Mr Draper.

The Greaser
11th Apr 2002, 21:45
I have to agree that especially on the Wannabes forum the amount of posts seem to have diminished quite a bit lately.

11th Apr 2002, 22:31
Others seem to be receiving more posts than usual. Private Flying has been going in stits and farts though...

11th Apr 2002, 23:17
Perhaps we should retire some servers to the Mojave desert & furlough some moderators during this un-precedented downturn in posting.

Of course then some cheap & cheerful upstart young bulletin board might grab the chance to get some cheap computers & experienced moderators and take all the business.

Then in 2 weeks time, when the posting count has recovered we might start to regret our decision.


12th Apr 2002, 01:48
As I mentioned in Computer Issues I have to have 2 browsers open (Nutscrape to send, Opera to read) for PPRuNe which is a real turn-off. I refuse point-blank to have anything to do with bloodey IE which I suspect causes all the trouble because the new PPRuNe software has some MS-proprietry sh!t in it somewhere? No doubt less browser-savvy members have simpley given up and who can blame them. I prefered the reliable trustey gasoline engine that powered the old PPRuNe and not this U-235 nuclear-powered software.

Hugh De Payen
12th Apr 2002, 01:51
Had to be said Slasher, it's not only me then. I have just run a check on the posts and a hour and ten minutes has passed without seeing any replies on J.B, this is not like the old J.B and therefore cannot be good.

12th Apr 2002, 09:36
I think you`re right HdP. On the Scandinavian forum (I speak the language(s)) I just recently asked the same question. It seems to me that up until a month or two ago you could have great fun and a good laugh even on Rumours and News. Then the moderators jumped in with some heavy police work (needed at times) and sim sala bim it`s not so much fun anymore. Sad :(

12th Apr 2002, 10:36
Mebbe a minor point but it seems as though there a lot less lines per page with the new software, hence things "drop off the radar" quicker than they used to, which is perhaps stifling some threads.

Yes, there's certainly less traffic on certain forums. I wonder if anyone with access to usage stats can confirm this?

12th Apr 2002, 12:53
Well waddya expect? Huggy told us all to stop posting ... not so long ago...:D