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I. M. Esperto
11th Apr 2002, 17:13
Airport Screener Haiku

Not enough money
Scanning is such a royal pain
Except for the fun

You keep no secrets
From me, the airport screener
Xrays expose you

Hurried passengers
Sometimes get very angry
When I say "shoes off"

An elderly man
Whose cane looks like solid wood
Scare him with the wand

Twisted grimace man
Take that laptop computer
Shut up - turn it on

I smirk inside when
I notice zippered pockets
Dump out everything

Someone missing flight
Take your time with him, and do
All the tests on him.

Three kids and a dog
Grill Mom with stern-faced questions
Tell her: spread legs wide

Staring at the screen
Suddenly a safety pin
Transforms to weapon

Call National Guard!
I can be on nightly news!
Symbol of boredom.

Time for coffee break
Unplug an xray machine
Evacuate terminal

Airplanes obsolete.
Ground mag-lev rides are the way.
Zee French convinced us.

Lines stretch out the door
And each must submit to me
Such power I have

Kalium Chloride
11th Apr 2002, 21:35
Poor man at 'Frisco
We did not believe him so
We blew up his boots