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11th Apr 2002, 13:31
There was much discussion in my lab this morning about a new Chilli Icecream being made in Devon. This reminded me of my old house-mate, who used to whip up such delicacies as mars bar and garlic biscuit bites, which were suprisingly tasty! :p

Does anyone else have a recipes using unexpected combinations of ingredients?

My own award-winning snack is:
1 slice carrot
1 plain hula hoop
1 jelly baby

Mmmmmm...... tasty (no really!) :cool:

11th Apr 2002, 13:35
Nothing to speak of first hand, but I'll be you could have come up with some interesting options in the combined sushi bar + icecream parlour in Jasper :D

11th Apr 2002, 13:40
Stinking bishop...

I'm not saying any more.....


11th Apr 2002, 13:44
Ahhhh yes... Jasper... fond memories. Never did go into the sushi bar though.

FFF - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you're making me hungry :D

11th Apr 2002, 13:58
Any Haagen-Daaz icecream eaten off a naked body :D :D

11th Apr 2002, 14:05
LowNSlow, that would depend whose naked body :eek:


Bird Strike
11th Apr 2002, 14:23
Mmm chilli ice cream... It gives a new meaning to "hot and cold" I guess.

11th Apr 2002, 14:37
WxJx enjoyed Molé de Poblano whilst on hols in Mexico a couple of years ago...Chocolate Chilli Chicken. Sounds ridiculous I know, but was luvverly...slurp!

WxJx ;)

11th Apr 2002, 14:42
Pregnant, Aerbabe? ;)

11th Apr 2002, 14:58
Mr. Diamond made himself a vegemite sandwich once ...

... using slices of fruit loaf!


11th Apr 2002, 17:40
WxJx -

Anything using mole' (accent acute over the "e") is going to be delicious. Pollo Mole (choc chik'in) is a very famous dish in Mexico. If anyone tries to make Mole themselves you gotta know that Mexican chocalate is "very different" from say Belgian, or Swiss, chocolate. Use a generous helping of Serrano chiles rather than the poblanos and you might not even notice the difference! :D

12th Apr 2002, 05:54
A cheese sarnie with a dollop of strwaberry jam finds favour with the Skytrucker taste buds.

Send Clowns
12th Apr 2002, 08:04
:eek: Don't, PTT!

The Nut Behind The Wheel
12th Apr 2002, 08:59
My fave

Sardine and vegemite milkshake!

That'll get rid of that nasty hangover:eek:

12th Apr 2002, 13:48
You're not serious are you Nut????


:eek: :eek: :eek:

12th Apr 2002, 14:03
Brie, onion and peanut butter sandwich.

or toasted mackerel and cheddar cheese.


Crackerjack, aka the halitosis kid.

Gunner B12
12th Apr 2002, 14:09
I used to frequent a fish and chip shop in the UK which did a battered and deep fried cheese muffin. but even worse was the battered and deep fried Mars bar.

Then again I think the most obnoxious of the lot was when I visited my RAF serving brother in leuchars and seeing pizza on the menu at the local chippy I was brave enough to order it only to see the pizza dropped into the deep fryer to cook.

I couldn't even bring myself to try it.

:eek: :eek:

12th Apr 2002, 15:17
Would that have been at the Guardbridge chippy or the one in Leuchars village??

Surly Bondslipper
12th Apr 2002, 15:38
What is it with putting a dollop of marmalade in a boiled egg? I have seen this vile perversion indulged in more than once. Yeeuuccchhh!