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11th Apr 2002, 07:54
Is it true MS has been banned and if so why?
What happened to free speach in this forum. So he/she made controversial remarks and statements but its no more than others have made before or even now.
The bitter hatred of the Prime Minister annunciated in these forums makes me angry but I wouldnt stop anyone from posting their views. If there is a ban in place it should be lifted forwith and allow the man/woman back in.

Now I am off on holiday for a couple of weeks to let the flack die down.

:) :) :)

Gunner B12
11th Apr 2002, 07:59
No free speech in here just read the message from the self proffessed despot at the top of the forum page.

His right to ban who he sees fit.

(Edited to say)

Just noticed the heading must have dissappeared with the new software. It's still his toy though even though he lets us play with it.

11th Apr 2002, 08:46
Rover, the only time Suter has shown anything else but visciousness and a desire to be hurtful to the largest possible number of people was on your thread about afterlife. The only time Rover.

He chose to ignore the few rules that are in place here at his peril.
His vitriolic contributions soured many a good thread for me.
I am relieved that he has been banned.
Very!!! :D

Tartan Gannet
11th Apr 2002, 09:55
I also cannot say I have any regrets or sorrow if Suter has been barred from JB, though I have to say that his thread about the late Queen Mother showed that he could be sensible and sensitive when he wanted to be. Still, others have been barred, Capt Ed, OCB, etc and JB still goes from strength to strength.

Its Danny's website, his rules apply. I can assure you if I ran such a website Id be a lot less tollerant than he has been of certain abusive posts and posters so think yourself lucky that Danny is relatively "liberal".

henry crun
11th Apr 2002, 10:13
I agree with what flapsforty says about the only time he showed any compassion.

I could just about stomach his obvious hatred of anything English and his obsession with homosexual matters, but for me he went way too far when he stooped to blatant anti-semitism.

bugg smasher
11th Apr 2002, 10:15
Eulogy for Moritz

Allow me to begin with a quote from another thread by the Lady Flaps;

"I enjoy pitting my wits against the continuous f*ck-ups the system throws at me"

In that spirit, I am saddened and somewhat mystified that Danny has seen fit to ban the enigmatic Moritz, I always found her outrageously stimulating, sometimes grossly insulting, but always riotously entertaining and thought provoking. The young lady had a genius for exposing the rawest of raw nerves, she was particlarly adept at bringing, amongst other things, the self-righteous types out of the closet. Through her eyes, I have also had a priveleged look into the personal lives of many contributors to this forum, and developed a deep admiration for many of the posters who challenged her with such direct and heart-felt honesty.

A razor-sharp and precocious intelligence such as hers is a rare event, I now find myself strangely grieving at her sudden absence.

The world still turns, but sadly just a little slower now.

Fare thee well Lady Moritz, may you find that which you so bravely and ardently seek. My prayers ride the night skies with you.

bugg smasher

11th Apr 2002, 11:00
Yup, I'd agree with Bugg Smasher.

The Moritz threads were invariably the ones that attracted most attention, and often intelligent arguments from various contributors, on this forum. No-one was *forced* to read them, and at the end of the day this is *just* a bulletin board.

I agree his/her later postings on the "Bush/Sabre" thread were over the mark but I can't say anything else particularly bothered me.

A place where everyone is nice to each other all the time is dull indeed.

Oh well. Back to endless joke threads.


Tricky Woo
11th Apr 2002, 12:25
Inevitable, really.


11th Apr 2002, 12:50
Rover we have had our little contretemps and this is quite apart from that. If you care to re-read your thread 'Is there an afterlife' you may find a somewhat obscure posting from me. I cannot remember exactly what it said but what it did refer to was a posting from Moritz that only remained for a short while before it was deleted. I was there read it and then saw it dissapear.For Morris to delete a post that gave him/her pause for thought may indicate the type of posting it was. It definitely wasn't designed with your comfort in mind.
So Flaps and Henry Crun I regret that even in those circumstances Morris was running true to form. She may have subsequently seemed sympathetic to you Rover but it was definitely a second thought. That there was a second thought is of course an indication that not all was lost and there was something in there that was not totaly obnoxious.
I do have to agree that even though she seemed only to derive satisfaction from being deliberately unpleasant, it did liven up the proceedings and allowed some of us to exercise our dark side as well. I have to say that I too enjoyed some of the more pointed contributions from various people who responded to her goads. She certainly was a character that was in ones face, and I have to say, responded in a most lively manner.
As has been pointed out we all enjoy the various aspects of JB in it's multitude of opinions speculation and revelations. There are always the limits set by our host, and Danny is the host. If we are invited in, it behooves any and all of us to mind our P's and Q's. Fair warning has always been given and a fair ammount of lattitude too.
Definitely an 'interesting' character.

11th Apr 2002, 13:50
Excellent news !! Good riddance to bad trash.

Herr oder Frau Suter was an example of the stereo-type Swiss xenophobe....a stereotype that I would prefer to believe doesn't exist. It seems I was mistaken.


Auf wedersehen LOSER !:p

11th Apr 2002, 14:59
Nahhhhhhh, no wayyyyy,.... Moritz ain't been banned!!!!!

His posting's were merely 'tongue in cheek' to wind everybody up,......... nothing more!!!

He had intelligence and used it to the max to make his postings look as if he was being entirely serious!!!

Take him with a pinch of salt,.... have a laff,.... he's no more contraversial than most!!

It stands to reason that he just likes to display his outrageous side.... and all for attention!!!

(I mean.... c'monnnnn,.... who would really believe that people don't get showered or bathed regularly??)

I bet ya bottom dollar (if u'll pardon the pun;) ).... that Mr Suter is back... and posting (either under his own name... or an alias) within a week!!! :eek:

Come back and entertain the troops Mr Suter..... and don't take too long!!!!! :p

The Mistress
11th Apr 2002, 15:08
If Tower Dog's theory is correct about MS and Hold at Saffa being the same person then briteandbreezy's (another alias?) request will soon be answered.

Hold at Saffa was online around 2.45 today. MS disappears and [email protected] returns. You may have something there Tower Dog.

11th Apr 2002, 15:10
I enjoy this virtual community, and it keeps me company during my long trips away from home.

I used to enjoy another forum, too - one sponsored by my pilot group. That site's moderator, however, did not believe in censorship whatsoever. As a result, over time the dialogue sank down and down to the lowest common denominator, becoming nothing more than the anonymous screeds on men's room walls. Anyone who tried to post reasoned thought, or even dare to bring up a different point of view, was immediately flamed in the vilest and most idiotic manner. I eventually swore off that site.

Thanks, Danny (or whoever), for keeping the reins tight.

I'd rather have the Guv back than Moritz!

11th Apr 2002, 15:19
As soon as I saw MS's post about Isreal and 'mice in space' I emailed him, informing him about our beloved Despot and urging him to reconsider the post. I was concerned that our Lord & Master might delete the whole thread, which I found v interesting... :eek:

However, methinks Danny took action in the meantime......

MS replied to me at 3am this morning, saying he had strong opinions on food & sleep, but everything else was a wind up. He urged me to 'put in a good word' with Danny......

That's his view, but I also know how much he annoyed Huggy..... :mad:

So sorry, but I'm not going to 'put in a good word' MS:

1. I don't think I have any influence with Danny, not being an administrator or anything....

2. I've met Huggy and think he's a pukka bloke. I've not met MS......

11th Apr 2002, 16:56
So MR suter has gone, Am I one of the few who will miss him.
I joined this site for the same reason's I suspect that the majority of you did. information,humour, and a sense of belonging to a group of like minded people,aviation being the main stay but the whole spectrum of life in general as the topics.

MR suter for my pennyworth was extreme value, he is clearly an academic with a fabulous sense of humour, he was willing and able to take stick as well as give it. I watched with amazement at some of his posting's, but I think I was able to work out that he had a mischief making mode button switched on permanently.

Tell me were some of you really offended ? or did you join the fashionable set and jump on the bandwagon,surely if you are adults you can work out the difference between fact and fiction.

Not once did I ever see Mr Suter take offence at the hermaphrodite/him/her/it,responses,nor the comments about his country,or anything else.It seems to me that the profile that I have formed of Mr Suter,is one of someone trying to be arrogant,rude and misguided,but he is probably one of those people that we all know who would go out of his way to help others less fortunate or in trouble.

I have never met Mr Suter,nor am I likely to,but I will say that he came very close to the top of the list of which PPruner I would like most to meet.

I recall that you played the game with Mr Suter,and now of course turn the knife.Twofaced I call it ,you make me sick.


If I ever meet Mr Suter I will appologise for one of us,thank him
from some of us,and reminise from all of us.

I don`t mean to sound like a one man fan club,it`s just that the man is not on here to defend himself,Surely there was a way that the moderaters could have warned those with weak stomachs,that Mr Suter`s postings may offend.It couldn`t have been that hard,there appears to be every other gadget on this brilliant site.

Finally,if the head honcho can choose who visits his forums,and decide if they are worthy or not,where does he draw the line?

If he draws that line with me it's been fun


11th Apr 2002, 17:18

I must have missed that. Is it true?

A fair number of folks are describing Moritz as female.

Must have missed that as well as well as the racist aspect.

Hey, I was away to montreal and back this week. Here Thread....

11th Apr 2002, 17:46
on reflection,and after considerable thought,I agree that MS should be re-instated.much as I detest him (her).I post this hoping to meet him (her) at the gatbash.....:p

11th Apr 2002, 18:13
I was banned briefly for some intemperate remarks about Zionists (too much red wine with my dinner), didn`t do me much harm. I rather miss the probation status in bright red.

I have to say though,I was incensed by some of MSs posts...far more unpleasant than OCB

Standard Noise
11th Apr 2002, 18:50
I may be a recent "blow in", and while I find racism and anti-semitism abhorrent, I think that JB may be a poorer place in the abscence of Herr Suter/Frau Suter/Cousin It (delete as appropriate).

Although people may not agree with some of MS's posts, as has been said before, no one's forcing you to read/reply to them. It fascinates me that while so many on JB call for MS to be banned or as is more common, for others not to reply to his/her posts, many still do, for whatever reason, which only serves to encourage MS in his/her postings.

I have been branded arrogant on another forum not a million megabytes from here and while I don't consider myself to be arrogant, I can be a pain in the ass on the odd occasion. I revel in winding people up at times while on other occasions I enjoy a good debate/discussion or simply sharing information with other pruners. Is this not why we are all here?

Sorry if it sounds like I'm another member of the MS fan club, I'm not, but if you weed out all the bad'uns, it won't be quite as much fun here inJB .........

PS Sorry Rover2701 I can't stand that grinning idiot Blair or his "hallowe'en mask" wife either but does that make me a bad person? Should I now expect the men from Vauxhall Bridge to take me away in the dead of night??

11th Apr 2002, 18:55
Standard Noise -

The answer to your question will become abundantly apparent when you see the black helicopters! :D -dAAvid

11th Apr 2002, 19:20
Nostradamus, regarding your question "if the head honcho can choose who visits his forums,and decide if they are worthy or not,where does he draw the line?" I refer you to the first page that met you when you registered here.

It states:
Registration to this forum is free! We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. If you agree to the terms, please press the Agree button at the end of the page.

Although the administrators and moderators of PPRuNe Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and neither the owners of PPRuNe Forums or Jelsoft Enterprises Limited (developers of vBulletin) will be held responsible for the content of any message.

By clicking the Agree button, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violative of any laws.

The owners of PPRuNe Forums have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic for any reason.

I feel that very considerable leeway has been given here on JB, and to Suter particularly.

Nostradamus, you engage in personal insult from behind the safety of your PC screen.
This no doubt gives you a measure of personal satisfaction.
At the same time it adds little to the pleasure of the reader as it lacks both wit and the creativity required to come up with something more intelligent.

A small piece of advice if I may?
Play the ball and not the player.

And if you apply yourself, you might one day become as deeply offensive as your beloved Suter. ;)

Moritz Suter
11th Apr 2002, 19:43
Miss Forty,

A small piece of advice if I may? Play the ball and not the player.

Who's ball and, more succinctly Miss Forty, to which player do you refer?

I find it at once curious and astonishing that you, more memorable for the posts you delete than those you let stand, see fit to take this curious objection to me when I have offered you nothing but the hand of friendship and kindness.

Perhaps you, like so many tawdry others, see fit to define yourself in slovenly attempts at highlight. One wonders, in the absence of clear advice to the contrary, just what it is you stand for? Seems to me, at least, your place herein is, even to the most cursory observer, Shreik-in-Chief of all the witchburners.


11th Apr 2002, 19:48

Please forgive me, I had no intention of insulting anyone, I agree that my choice of words look awful, and I am sorry.

You are however Wrong on a few point's. I was not trying to be witty or creative, and I dont know how you can imagine my posting was either, as for intelligence you have made up your own mind.

I dont understand your piece about me hiding behind my screen,
or playing football?

I have read and reread the pprune disclaimer you posted, but cannot find the bit that says PEOPLE will be removed.

11th Apr 2002, 19:54


Moritz Suter
11th Apr 2002, 19:57
Indeed I do, Mr. Nostradamus.

Indeed I do.


pants on fire...
11th Apr 2002, 20:04
I had put pof... to bed, but.

It is very comforting that a portion of the broad diversity of users at PPRuNe, are missing Morris Sewer.

It is equally sad that whilst they take offence at his/her/it's removal, they do not take exception to the highly offensive and deliberately inflammatory content of his/her/it's posts.

There is a reason that Mary Sewer does not take offence at the replies to her/his/it's antagonistic balderdash, it is simply because he/she/it does not exist.

It is neither the ability to overcome nationalistic pride, nor intelligent defence of the position - it is a pure cyber-troll - there is not an entity to take offence, it exists solely, and singularly, to provoke and incite.

Morris Sewer does not exist; it has no nationality; it has no true conviction to any stated position, on any subject; it is neither male nor female; no political allegiance, no faith.

Morris drifts in the wind of torment - the same wind that has blown him away.

Or was it the Billy Goats Gruff what done him in?:p

He's still here! Supporting himself! New identity! Time will tell.

Moritz Suter
11th Apr 2002, 20:11
Mr. Fire,

I hold you in an altogether new esteem.

Morris drifts in the wind of torment - the same wind that has blown him away.

I mean to compliment you, most sincerely, Mr. Fire, on these stolen words of yours. They are quite beautiful, and singularly inconsistent with your evident modus operandi of guttersnipe.

Perhaps, Mr. Fire, there is a new hope for us both.


11th Apr 2002, 20:36
You sneaky little 'Get' Suter. I take my hat off to you for this one. It won't happen often though I'm sure.:D

11th Apr 2002, 21:23
Welcome back MS, if indeed you were away. I for one look forward to your future observations and critiques even if on occassion I don't agree with them myself.

Keep the proverbial well stirred .......

11th Apr 2002, 21:49
Hello M.S.
you are back? Reading your posts I try at least to brush up my English a bit, because you express yourself in a remarkable clear-cut manner. Don't care who you are, Mary or Moritz or cyber-troll.
Like to be an ordinary profiteur . ;)

Moritz Suter
11th Apr 2002, 22:02
My Dear Captain104,

May I offer you in honour of your past, and all too distant insight, the poem that Walt Whitman made, almost, in your name.

Oh Captain, my Captain........


With an enduring respect born of a knowledge of what it means to actually fly a 'Widowmaker'.



11th Apr 2002, 22:03
Wehaaaaaaaayyyyy....... whaddya know,..... he's back!!!:p

Didn't I say he'd turn up?? :)

Hmmmmm,... either I'm psychic......

..or I've got Moritz Suter so 'weighed up' that I should be (...or maybe I already am?? ;) ) a bloody psychiatrist!!!!!

Welcome back Moritz... take a seat... and behave yaself,.. ya norty boy!!! ;) :p

11th Apr 2002, 22:38
Thank you for your friendly reply. The first link is a "forbidden yahoo site", the second proves that you know exactly " to whom it may concern."
May I state clearly and under the rasor-sharp eyes of the pprune community that a theoretical love affair between us is not possible. My heart beats for my badger dog (Dachshund) only and for ever. ;)

Best Regards

PS. Could you avoid the expression "widowmaker", it makes me
And please trust me, its not justified. ( Created by a STERN-
Reporter). Thank you. :)
PS. Link works now. Thank you once more.

Hugh De Payen
11th Apr 2002, 23:28

12th Apr 2002, 19:01
Dear Morris, were you ever indeed 'out', or was it simply another wind up by the master, for I would have to say that you are a master, or perhaps mistress of the ability to generate a reply.
It would seem that your very fertile imagination craves the attention it recieves here, and why not indeed for there has been ample proof that your humours have not fallen on fallow ground.
View haloo, dark mistress, it appears your broomstick will bear you up, once more.

Moritz Suter
12th Apr 2002, 23:18
My Broomstick, Mr. Paterbrat?

I hold to many forms of conveyance, but none so uncomfortable, except ofcourse in case of emergency, as the common or garden variety broomstick.

One was indeed down, Mr. Paterbrat, but rest reassured one is most certainly not out.


pants on fire...
13th Apr 2002, 01:32
Indeed Paterbrat, there was a very short reprieve, when the Suet's posts read;

Moritz Suter

But it was short lived, and it returned.

The big question now, is how and why? :)

Supposedly it has something to do with photographs and goats! ;)

I'm glad that I didn't go to the Zurich bash (allegedly)! :)

Tartan Gannet
13th Apr 2002, 01:52

I have to admit to being in the wrong!

Today, Friday 12th April I received a very friendly and sympathetic e-mail from MS.

I have judged this person wrongly and was humbled to receive such kind words.

There is no fool like an old fool.

BTW I may be off line for a bit folks. My Dad, aged 81 , has met with an accident and I may well have to shoot up to GLA to be with him and help out.

I will keep you posted and take one of my laptops with me.


13th Apr 2002, 02:02
Sorry about that TG, I hope it's a rapid full recovery.

Tartan Gannet
13th Apr 2002, 02:32
Rollingthunder, I have a horrible feeling its NOT going to go that way! He is 81, and while still physically and mentally A1 he is emotionally a basket case since my Mother died June 10th 2001. I know he has been hitting the sauce heavily and I can understand why but Friday 12th April when I came home there was a message from the Landlady of his Pub that he had fallen over in the Gents at the pub, split his head open and been taken, no doubt concussed, to the local hospital in Paisley near GLA (Abbotsinch to old fliers).

This doesnt look too good folks as he misses my Mother greatly, their having been married for 55 years. I think he will turn his face to the wall after this.

So maybe its as well that I have jacked in my job. I hope they will understand why I may have to default on working out my notice and go to Glasgow ASAP, (they can keep my final wage cheque as far as I am concerned).

So, the Gannet may be an orphan in the not too distant future Im afraid, not only a "Widow's Son" but a Widower's Son to boot.

Thanks to all who have responded and I will try to keep you all posted. I will take one of my laptops with me to communicate

In sorrow and worry,



13th Apr 2002, 02:36
Sorry to hear about your dad, TG. Hope everything turns out alright. Please keep us posted.

13th Apr 2002, 08:16
Sorry to hear the Lewis's sad news TG. Not an easy or happy journey you go on, but our best wishes go with you. And may what the future brings be coped with by you.

13th Apr 2002, 08:28
TG, wishing you the emotional fortitude to cope with this.
Plus the strength and willpower to cope with the NHS; not an easy task.
It is not a lot, but as you can see, our thoughts travel with you.

Tartan Gannet
13th Apr 2002, 10:01
As on the main thread an update on this matter.

Hospital in Paisley inform me he is now conscious, no brain damage, back on his feet and to be discharged home today. THANK GOD!

To you all, a very sincere thank you for your best wishes and kind thoughts.

I will probably be going up to GLA for a while next week once I have spoken to him later today.