View Full Version : Brit Air off the runway at Morbihan 16th Oct

17th Oct 2012, 10:09
Any more news on this?

Sortie de piste d'un avion à Lorient (http://www.bfmtv.com/societe/sortie-piste-dun-avion-a-lorient-360578.html)

Looks like all got out with no casualties :ok:

18th Oct 2012, 16:58
Came across this in Le telegrame.
A Brit Air CR 700 and it looks well stuck.

Lann Bihoué (56). L'avion a été évacué et la piste rouverte au trafic aérien - L'actualité de Lorient est sur Le Télégramme (http://lorient.letelegramme.com/local/morbihan/lorient/lann-bihoue-56-l-avion-a-ete-evacue-et-la-piste-rouverte-au-trafic-aerien-18-10-2012-1876957.php)

18th Oct 2012, 23:55
Well, can't read it, don't want to read it...just goes to show...

19th Oct 2012, 06:37
Ah yes, i can see your problem Downin3, Basicly it translates as thus....
CR700 ran off runway and got stuck in the mud. Workers got dirty pulling it out.
My wife says they should go in strike. But then she's French.