16th Oct 2012, 21:22
Anyone else heard the rumour that there is going to be a very big announcement regarding engineering jobs in the next 2 weeks.

Apparently it is going to be a major slash and burn.

Syd eng
16th Oct 2012, 22:33
Heard rumours the other night around the jetbase of another 30% reduction in numbers.

Jethro Gibbs
17th Oct 2012, 00:35
AVALON may be up for the high jump

17th Oct 2012, 01:16
25% will be Forstaff and 5% Qf

17th Oct 2012, 02:24
Some will be from QAS AND QDS

17th Oct 2012, 03:49
Definitely BIG staff cuts within 12 months and NOT all volunteers. No one is safe and they don't care about your personal problems. Ask anyone from Tulla or Avalon. They have no sympathy or empathy. Hold on tight.

17th Oct 2012, 05:01
C'mon guys, Engineers are a pain in the arse. The new announcement is about good fiscal management!

The planes are much more 'modern' now and hardly ever break so why have teams of spanner hands absorbing company profit?
All these pesky Engineers are a barrier to the bonus system, less staff means reduced costs, can't any of you add? Less staff, better profits means bigger bonus!
Less Engineers means less tooling, another unecessary cost burden on the company. The introduction of paddle pop sticks shortly (and they don't require calibration) will also reduce costs and increase bonuses.
And what about that annoying Purvinas? Less Engineers means less Union support and less headaches for robust management. Less fighting of Engineers in court means more money for the company, in turn this creates a better bonus platform for selected individuals.
Engineers are a thing of the past, this is 2012, why do we need them, the modern Engineer plays no part in the reliabilty and safety systems so why keep them? Engineers are so overated.

17th Oct 2012, 06:33
I totally agree with Gobbledock, why do we need them, but of interest is that as engineering shrinks we seem to have more and more managers, ops managers, managers on special projects....Its about time the managers got the chop, remove the ops managers, idiots like DP, NG, MS CT DP they are belong in QF futures, where the future just isnt there...

17th Oct 2012, 06:43
No no no Slacker, we NEED these Managers. They are the core of the business, they are the forefront of the company, they are the ones who have their fingers on the pulse and know what the true state of play is! We also need more Consultants, more Managers with minimnal aviation expereince, more sociopaths and more departments bloated with mates and relatives of management. That is where the present company success story lays, haven't you noticed, particularly over the past few years?

No, I think there should be no changes made at the upcoming annual meeting, the company remains well positioned to achieve it's apparent current core strategy - Become a chapter in the history pages.

17th Oct 2012, 09:59
You are correct the mates of managers continues, even idiots that got caught stealing years ago and put in hangar 245 Tool Crib because they were frankly, " I quote from a manager at the time, "Completely useless".
Obviously GH & TD see these people as having the right stuff....
But again it is never their fault if something doesnt work or isnt right, just look at QF EASA 145 failure, management have no idea but its not their fault...
Its a shame the public at shareholders meeting dont start pushing for accountability...Then things might change..I know, I am living in a dream, this is corporate management style of the 21st century, get as much as you can for nothing and sacrifice everyone and anyone...

17th Oct 2012, 10:18
It's not rocket science what they want.

The tally so far
3 Heavy Maintenance Bases into 1 - Winner = Brisbane Heavy Maintenance
MOD for 'new' gen aircraft - Winner = Qantas

Next on the chopping block
1. Less LAME's on the tarmac
2. Cat A's filling those shoes
3. QDS my guess is Qantas will decide its not a 'core' business. Like all non core businesses lately, have a guess.
4. Another guess is that currently minimally manned ports TSV/ASP etc would be in their sights as well.
5. Rampies to do receipt / dispatch which will mean less engineering staff

There is quite a few guys who do want the VR so it will be good news for some.

17th Oct 2012, 10:53
More redundancies and the eventual closure of Avalon Mtce has been part of Jigsaw for Qantas and maybe the last pieces of the puzzle are about to be put in place?
I hope the rumour turns out to be that Bilbo Baggins, aka Alan Joyce, has been found to be in Australia illegally without a working Visa and has never been given residency status and is about to be sent packing back to his Hobit village.

Jethro Gibbs
17th Oct 2012, 11:50
Looks like some of the Qantas Staff at Avalon are preparing there own exit strategy and they wonder why Forstaff employees aren't motivated .

18th Oct 2012, 03:41
Following Alan Joyce's address in Brisbane today, the SMH/The Age (http://www.smh.com.au/business/qantas-to-close-avalon-maintenance-base-20121018-27sz9.html) are reporting Avalon to close.

18th Oct 2012, 05:10
Expect a huge cull of "Full" time employees from across the whole company. There is a lot of talk with cabin crew, and ground staff (baggies, cleaners etc)

18th Oct 2012, 05:19
Mr Joyce said the airline had "no set time-frame" for when it would close one of the two remaining heavy maintenance bases "but it's something that needs to happen".

What fool makes a major announcement (Politicians excluded) without being able to reveal plans, the "who, where, when, how and why" of the plan?
What a shallow statement from Kim Jong Al. Do they have a core plan, or as he said "It's something that needs to happen" (in his eyes) yet he has no nuts and bolts plan to back up his statement?

Such a large change requires forethought as well as a risk assessment. Can we see it please? How will such a change afffect a number of areas in the airline including safety and compliance? Has this been risk assessed? If so, let us see the documentation, CASA would surely want to see evidence of this, keeping in mind some of the scope of a Safety Management System (QF's is appoved, I mean accepted by the Regulator), and QF should have assessed operational and safety risks as a result of such a big decision, also the company needs to monitor 'the change management process', also in line with their SMS. Or have they made another overnight knee-jerk decision so as to save money and pump up the bonus pot and not considered the aforementioned elements? Is CASA monitoring all this closely and ensuring QF's Holy Grail SMS is being complied with?


18th Oct 2012, 07:31
Engineer Aus, I was told a few days ago all of SYD baggies had received "expression of interest' letters.:(

18th Oct 2012, 07:54
To shed some light only TWU mebers of Qantas Ramp received Redundance notices...QGS staff didnt...

Jethro Gibbs
18th Oct 2012, 08:11
Mr Joyce said the airline had "no set time-frame" for when it would close one
of the two remaining heavy maintenance bases "but it's something that needs to

Fear not he will know exactly when Avalon will close its already in his diary . Asta La Vista Baby

Syd eng
18th Oct 2012, 08:16
Engineer Aus, I was told a few days ago all of SYD baggies had received "expression of interest' letters.

Heard that the other night too

18th Oct 2012, 09:01
Its good to see QF management no matter what area only care about bonuses, not one of them has a backbone....one of the reasons why I can never support QF management as they dont have any credibility at all..
Bring back Kev Petersen, at least he had some creditability, not like the pig swilling gutless puppets we have now..
As for QF ramp you have been sold out by supervisors yet again.....
When will guys learn that management will crap on you and your fellow workers..we arent in America, standards belong to all Australians and your people are your backbone, just ask Borgetti..

18th Oct 2012, 20:26
Mr Joyce said the airline had "no set time-frame" for when it would close one
of the two remaining heavy maintenance bases "but it's something that needs to

If this is a correct quote, then the studied cruelty of those words is beyond belief. As a manager, you do not foster insecurity in a workforce if you wish to survive and prosper.

18th Oct 2012, 21:51
Exactly Sunfish. Sowing fear, crushing souls, the Alan way....

18th Oct 2012, 22:19
That is a pretty sick way to "lead" isn't it. Do QF run any leadership courses for their command upgrades? If they do maybe AJ could zip along to one and learn the basics.