View Full Version : Can Airbus A380 fly with waste oil as a aviation bio fuel?

16th Oct 2012, 09:38
Hi everyone,

With aviation industry cutting down the fuel and Co2 emissions by 70% in the past 40 years. A couple of months back, Boeing signed a deal with commercial aircraft corporation of china for the production of aviation biofuel sourced from waste oil. Considering that Airbus A380 was the first commercial jet to use bio-fuel, How cost-efficient or feasible would it be to fly a plane as big as Airbus A380 with a fuel sourced from wasted cooking oil?

16th Oct 2012, 10:45
I think that's a question for the recycling business. It would depend how much it would cost to produce to the required specification.
A gas turbine would run on coal dust if you could find a way of shoveling it in fast enough