View Full Version : Airbus SA steep ILS approach

14th Oct 2012, 10:46
I can not find any limitations on how steep an approach you are allowed to perform on the 320/321.

Is a 4' GS OK ?

stop, stop, stop
14th Oct 2012, 11:02
Not sure about ILS 'limitations' but the A320/321 is certainly capable of a 5.3 - 5.6 degree descent (VOR) into KTM. The approach does drop back to 3.0 at 3nm though.

14th Oct 2012, 11:26
Do what you need to do but be stable at 1000'. Seen one guy set 5.9 degrees once...not good. NPA-selected,selected.

Nothing worse than PNF calling "sink" or worse the airplane shouting "sink rate-pull up"

14th Oct 2012, 11:34
Chambery with 4.5 glideslope is no problem, but you have do be gear down, flaps 2 before capturing. And a speed below 170. And watch out for any amount of tailwind...

14th Oct 2012, 13:29
BJV is a 3.9 degree ILS on to 28 and in my type you have to be gear down and significant flap before intercept to have any hope of reaching stable criteria. I could well imagine 5.9 degree would be sporting to say the least.