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13th Oct 2012, 06:49
Okay, most of you already know ;) the photos as seen at
Airshow (http://www.aviationpics.de/airshow/airshow.htm)
1995 - Air Zimbabwe Boeing 707 in low level high speed pass at Harare air show, Zimbabwe photo - Sunbird Photos by Don Boyd photos at pbase.com (http://www.pbase.com/image/139754011)
http://images.travelpod.com/users/centaur169/3.1305576422.low-level-air-zimbabwe.jpg ,

but here is the VIDEO of that VERY low Air Zimbabwe Boeing 707 pass! :eek:
1995 ZIM airshow Low pass Air Zimbabwe Mashonaland Flying club - YouTube:eek:

That Affrettair DC-8 is rather impressive as well... :}

If forwarding above link to other bulletinboards/forum/Facebook/Email to friends, then PLEASE also include one of these links as well. :ok:

The pilot will thank you for including his first-hand account. Yes, this particular flight was authorised, but unfortunately flights and persons got mixed up in newspapers, resulting in problems... :{

For those interested, the youtube-clip at 1995 ZIM airshow Low pass Air Zimbabwe Mashonaland Flying club - YouTube :eek:
is an extract of
Mashonaland Flying Club •*Airday '95 on Vimeo
The 707 starts at 15.00, the DC-8 is from 17.05 .

For those wanting to see the Zimbabwan Air Force Hunters, Hawks, Mig-21/Chengdu F-7 , South African Cheetah jets, helicopters and SAAF 707, this is from 19.00 to 29.00
at Mashonaland Flying Club •*Airday '95 on Vimeo

Please DO think about including the 707 pilots' firsthand account when forwarding/copy-ing/email-ing, etcetera ! :ok: