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12th Oct 2012, 09:12
Dear Mod,
QANTAS “The Reason I Don’t Fly” - The Closed Thread

My thread was not a complaint, and my solution has already been taken. I have seen so much discussion as to the overall state of play in QF, and the numerous pilot posts which still exist on that subject expressing their concerns and views as to the relative merits or otherwise of QFs commercial direction. This was a contribution from me as to a very simple grass roots issue regarding the decline. Hence my first sentence of the post, by way of introduction, which you appear to not have read .....

There have been a considerable number of posts here as to what is wrong with the QANTAS group, why it is in a serious state of decline, and numerous suggestions, criticisms, and comments.....

or have misinterpreted.

Olive61 (ATPL x 12)

12th Oct 2012, 09:18
Point taken. Your thread has been merged into the "QF where to now" thread, which is the most appropriate place.