View Full Version : Receding Roo, expanding Asians

Eastwest Loco
11th Oct 2012, 11:33
OK, we realise the iconic QF1 and QF9 services are now via Duxbum. We know that QF will no longer go via SIN, BKK or HKG to LHR but strangely the 744 SYD SIN FRA QF5 is still there. Codeshares abound though.

Why oh why are all these new you beaut QF London schedules in the systems at the height of Earlybird season WITH NO COMPETITIVE FARES?

The standard suite of fares - for a 10 May departure for instance is quoting at $2970 ish ex MEL to LHR on QF. Sama sama coming in at as low as $1450 on Asian carriers.

Nobody knows if you can take a Dubai stopover and an Asian stopover in the one Europe trip on the one journey. Try quoting it via QF and BA stoppng HKG one way and DXB the other and the fare is currently quoting near 9K.

My point is, where is the direction? I have many very loyal QF Platinum clients who are leaking to other carriers as I (and many other alleged travel professionals) can't give them a lead or tell them to wait. We just don't know.

Anybody at Rat Inc who knows the powerbrokers needs to shake their cage. This is very dangerous and potentially injurious on the already besieged company.

For you good guys and gals who man the alloy cylinders performing unatural 600mph acts of derring do with up to 459 odd people all facing in the one direction, this is a heads up. Senior management has effectively take the rat off sale and ignored the Earlybird season during which time there are billions of dollars being locked and loaded on other airlines.

One does wonder what the garden gnome and his band of TN leftovers are thinking but from a frontline watching post, it don't look flash!


Best all