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10th Apr 2002, 15:45
Ms forty, please inform the "loutish teenagers" that the delightful Ms Nordby is tied for the lead in the world's ladies cheeze racing championships.:cool:
Go Norway!!

10th Apr 2002, 16:40
Dear Mr Pigboat,
Will advise dreaded offspring about this happy development once they return to the happy home from their various nefarious activities. ;)

In the unlikely event of this startling news provoking them out of the catatonic state they habitually fall into as soon as they percieve themselves to be adressed by someone over the age of 20, I will keep you advised.

Yours n Cheese Racing,
falps ;)

13th Apr 2002, 20:29
Message for "loutish teenagers"
www.tsn.ca/curling/ :D