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8th Oct 2012, 21:32
On 20th October 1970 I flew on Iran Air DC-6, EP-AES.
I was Chief Officer on an Esso Tanker disembarking for home leave.
The plane had just brought in supplies of fresh vegetables to Kharg Island.
Before we could board, the cabin space had to be swept and passenger seats re-installed. There were still lettuce leaves under my seat. We took off and shortly thereafter hit a violent sandstorm. The plane bucked and weaved its way up the Shatt al Arab at very low altitude in very reduced visibility, until thankfully we landed at Abadan. The scariest flight I've been on. I'm trying to find photos of this aircraft in Iran Air colours.
DC-6 C/N 43062 / 51 F/F 19 March 1962, originally built for Sabena as OO-AWA.

9th Oct 2012, 07:55
Here's a similar aircraft:


12th Oct 2012, 11:11
Thanks BEagle,
Appeciate the 'sister ship' photo.
Just as I remembered it.
I recall that when all the vegetables had been unloaded and the seats re-positioned in the aircraft, a bell was rung outside a small hut to signal 'boarding'.
We had been standing out in the sun and heat with no shelter for a couple of hours awaiting this event.