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5th Oct 2012, 18:40
Some questions about the blue bands that were worn on RAFCollege Cranwell aircraft:

What are the correct colours/bs numbers?

I can only find photographs that show them on the rearfuselage, were they ever applied to the wings?

Were they used when RAF Training aircraft were paintedsilver?

The reason that I am asking is that several years ago I sawa Cadet Mk2 wing in a trailer at Lasham that was silver with the 2 tone blueband applied to it. On the underside of the wing there was a militaryregistration beginning with a V.

I know that the RAF College Glider Flight / Gliding Club didoperate 5 Slingsby T.8 Cadet Mk2s XE758 762 which were converted from T.7Cadet Mk1s which had serials begging with VF and VM.

I am currently restoring Cadet Mk2 XE761 and want to returnit to its correct military colours.


5th Oct 2012, 21:34
RAFC Jet Provosts certainly wore the 'colgate ring of confidence' when they were painted silver and dayglo. Just in front of the rear fuesleage dayglo.

Never applied to the wings though.

An old photo of a RAFC T21, when painted silver / dayglo, doesn't show a blue ring; however, a very poor 1968-9 photo of a Cadet / Tutor seems to show a blue band, with the college 3 cranes, immediately behind the rounel. But I cannot be certain, sorry.

1st Nov 2012, 23:34
The OP came out the day I was applying the blue band to this.

It was another 3 weeks before there was good enough weather to try it.