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4th Oct 2012, 22:35
Dear friends,
My name is Diego Meozzi and I'm a journalist and the owner of a small family-run publishing company based in Italy. Being the son of an Alitalia captain (now retired), it was almost inevitable that I would develop a passion for flight.

Over the last six months I started gathering information and images for a series of ebooks dedicated to specific aspects of civil aviation and in particular of Alitalia, Italy's national airline. The funds available are very limited, but we are seeking help from the community of plane spotters and enthusiasts willing to share their images of historic Alitalia planes.

This project is already advanced, and we have gathered a substantial amount of information, but there are still a few areas that I need to complete. So far - thanks to the collaboration of 74 spotters and photographers throughout the world, we have managed to gather more than 2300 images of 501 Alitalia planes out of 528. And photos of 183 out of 291 planes of the Alitalia Group (ATI, SAM, Aermediterranea, etc.)

On these webpages you can find our complete list of planes and images we managed to gather. The ones that are still missing are highlighted in red:

Progetto eBook flotta Alitalia / Alitalia fleet eBook project (http://www.cartabianca.com/az.html)
Progetto eBook flotta Gruppo Alitalia / Alitalia Group fleet eBook project (http://www.cartabianca.com/az_group.html)

So, if you can share any photograph of Alitalia airplanes that we are still looking for (maybe you kept them in a drawer for decades) that would be an invaluable help for our small publishing project.

Anyone interested can contact us via Personal Message through this forum or sending an email to info [at] cartabianca.com

We apologize in advance if you will find the same thread posted in another couple of aviation forums elsewhere.

Thanks to you all!