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2nd Oct 2012, 18:01
first of all, I'm not a pilot, my question regards an issue using Flight Simulator X with the iFly 737-800 (the iFly is very accurate so I think that maybe the ND is very similiar to the real world)

- The 737-800 on FSX has an auto-tuning capability, it automatically tunes in to near VORs, does this happen in the real 737NG too?

- I often like to manually tune a VOR so that I get DME readings on the ND and have greater situational awareness, so I set the frequency on NAV1 or 2 and I set the course I want on the MCP. I get the green dotted line that shows me the course and the reciprocal....
the question is, the ND often gets too cluttered, so how do I get rid of the green dotted-line?? The only way I can find is to manually "untune" NAV1 or I change the course so I no longer see the green line...but I'm sure there has to be a better solution!

- When I manually tune a VOR, how do I go back to "auto-tuning"?

Thanks for your help.
Gianluca (Italy)

2nd Oct 2012, 18:19
1) Yes and no. It does autotune, but not VOR stations (only DME), and you would usually not even notice. The nav panel on the NG does not have a manual/auto selector like on the classics since the FMS can autotune the two DMEs directly and independently from the manually selected station. You can see which stations it is interrogating on the NAV STATUS page on the CDU. The automatically tuned DME returns are supressed and not displayed on the ND (only whatever you tuned manually)
2) This is a software option on the real airplane, some airlines have the green dotted line, some don't. Get the PMDG, as far as I know you can select whether you want it or not there ;)
3) I guess that has been answered - no way to select VOR autotuning, so thats it. :ok:

2nd Oct 2012, 18:44
In the aeroplane I tune an ILS frequency to get rid of the dotted line.

Dream Land
3rd Oct 2012, 12:24
Very little automatic on this aircraft, it's a dinosaur!