View Full Version : World HR conference - Joke of the day!

26th Sep 2012, 23:23
Qantas Group CEO speaking at the World HR Congress
Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce and Group Executive People and Office of
the CEO Jon Scriven will be speaking today at the 14th World Human
Resource Congress in Melbourne this afternoon. They will be talking
about the impact of the global economy on Qantas and the role of
leadership at both the Executive Committee level and at the front

They would be a very brief addresses!:rolleyes:

(Hopefully they'll do a bit of listening too.)

26th Sep 2012, 23:49
HR. What a joke!

Recent events have highlighted to me that they know everything about what the company thinks it can do to it's employees, and little about the rights of those same employees under their workplace agreement(s)!

We all know what side HR is on, but in my experience their lack of even a fundamental understanding of some issues, makes them a liability to both sides!

Money better spent elsewhere IMHO.

27th Sep 2012, 00:29
Although I've long been derisive of HR/IR/etc. around here, it's the idea that these clowns actually consider themselves "leaders" that makes me scoff the hardest.

I could just about fill the MCG with what these clowns don't know about leadership.:yuk: