View Full Version : Richard de Crespigny 'pre-flight routine'

26th Sep 2012, 05:42
Heard this today, and anyone with more knowledge to confirm or disprove is more than welcome to add.

Before a flight when the passengers have yet to board, Richard de Crespigny will roam the aeroplane and offer to sell the cabin-crew autographed copies of his book. Times must be tough for ole Rich.

Just for your interest, how much is a Richard de Crespigny autograph worth:

Dymocks/Angus & Robertson (no autograph) - RRP $34.99
QF32 - Featured Products (http://cart.qf32.aero/) (with Richard de Crespigny autograph) - $34.95 :ugh::ugh::ugh:

Maybe Matt Hicks should write his version.

outside limits
26th Sep 2012, 05:46
If Hicksy wrote a book it would be alot funnier to read than RDC. Might be a good idea Hicksy.

26th Sep 2012, 06:15
$22 at BigW

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