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24th Sep 2012, 20:15
Im new to the F50 type. We've been introduced and instructed to this type by some crew that flew mostly in the northern part of europe.

They didn't use flex take off power (at all) in their companies.

I was wondering if someone here would know exactly why?

It seems to me that basing new company policies on "just" their word is a bit crazy.

24th Sep 2012, 20:21
If memory serves me right, It was build in, but later discovered that there was such a small region of temperature where it would be beneficial that it was not cost effective.

I flew it at Denim and KLC, neither company used it.

I'll see if I can find the exact wording in my old manual.

25th Sep 2012, 02:24
even over here at the equator, we only operated the ERP on TO GA CLB CRZ MCT
no FLEX..

25th Sep 2012, 04:57
i would really appreciate the wording out of the manual !

what about at the equator, are you up in the mountains ?? avianca ?

25th Sep 2012, 07:48
Sorry, can't copy and paste from the PDF file but this is the text:

- The benefit of flexible take-off power applies to a very small envelope of temperature and pressure altitude and is as such not useful for the purpose of cost saving. The procedures to operate with flexible take-off power are given in the AFM only.

Above text taken from the KLC AOM.

Edited to read AFM iso AOM

Zio Nick
25th Sep 2012, 08:16
Flex take off procedure produces some benefits in terms of fuel consumption, not marginal, but not high as well. But, indeed, the conditions to apply flex t/o are tight and you should have enough runway length available, besides the airport altitude limitations.
Basically the thing gets so complex that in most of the cases companies give up using it.
Additionally, not all the F50 are equipped with flex t/o...