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Lee Howard
20th Sep 2012, 11:53
Are there any former 46 Sqn aircrew on here who were involved in flying Andover C.1s from the UK to Coolidge in Antigua between March 1969 and May 1971? I'm looking for dates on which the aircraft were flown out and back (by my reckoning some 30 transatlantic trips, some of which can be confirmed from the 46 Sqn ORB held at Kew, but in places it's too vague and working out the others is proving to be something of a puzzle).

Many thanks in advance.


Juan Tugoh
20th Sep 2012, 16:40
Have you tried the 46Sqn Association?


friendlypelican 2
20th Sep 2012, 17:44
Check yr PMs.
I did a few of these transits, one of which was a memorable 8:45hrs Gander - St Mawgan in Andover XS603 on 10th June 69 coming back from Coolidge.
Other Ppruners who I know were involved are Cazatou and Kaikohe 76 - C'mon chaps!

Lee Howard
20th Sep 2012, 18:11

Just got your PM; why didn't I think of you?! E-mail about to head your way!:ok:

Re other PPRuNers....yes please! Every little helps, as they say.

Lee Howard
28th Sep 2012, 09:14
JENKINS: Bit cryptic, that one. De-crypt please?:bored:

22nd Jun 2014, 13:28
Just saw your post. I guess you have all you need by now but I set off from Abingdon on March 20, 1970 - an epic - and returned 14th June.