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Bandit *bob*
8th Apr 2002, 23:24
Now I have only recently started to browse through eBay as there are some very good deals there.....

Out of curiousity I took a look at what's on offer in the aviation section......yep, I've seen it all now,,,,

Open for bids

British Airways All Day Deli Pack, complete with paper napkin, plastic spoon, sugar sachet, and salt/pepper sachets.
(even had a pic of said item)

Opening bid,,,,,,,,,,FIFTY PENCE!!!!

Ahhh I did laugh......


Bob :p

9th Apr 2002, 12:43
Oooohhhhhhhh I bid 1 for it!!!!!!:eek:

9th Apr 2002, 13:02
Bugga. That means I'll have to raise my bid... Hands off my serviette gal! :D

itchy kitchin
9th Apr 2002, 13:11
I've got one you can have for nothing, but its already been eaten and er... "biologically proccesed"


9th Apr 2002, 20:29

Sis :) , you can have the serviette but I'll fight you for the plastic spoon!!!!! ;)

Then again as we're family we could always share :D :D

You knows I love you enough

Babe xxx