View Full Version : Identification of Dowty Hydraulic GPU

19th Sep 2012, 12:07
Hi all, I work in a Uni where we have a BAC Jet Provost T4, for basic systems work, where we used to use a big Dowty HGPU to occasionally power up the hydraulics - It seems to have far more capacity that the JP would ever need - it would go up to at least 6000psi delivery pressure, and just wondered if anyone knew what it would have originally been designed for - I'm guessing it's ex-service, currently blue, and is stencilled H73/BAP on one side, and 4000 on the other. Cheers!

20th Sep 2012, 11:21
6,000psi? Blimey!

I'll bet that the system pressure relief valves were working overtime! :eek:

26th Sep 2012, 14:44
I know!! We barely trickle it in when it's being used!! (Not mentioning the time before I started there, when someone tried to raise the undercarriage with the ground lock pins in... kept on ramping up the pressure, until they both sheared... One of my 1st jobs after starting here was to fix the sequencing issue that this one caused - turned out that the pressure had twisted the pulley drum in the belly by at least 20 degrees...)