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8th Apr 2002, 17:53
Dear ppruners,

I would like to know whether is it true that the malaysia flying academy(MFA),Malacca is the only flying school approved by the Malaysian DCA.

Is there any other flying school in Australia is approved by MDCA.

Please kindly advice on the above matter.

Thank you

9th Apr 2002, 12:57
Hi jetsetter,

There are flying schools at the RMAF base in KL and also in Penang, and perhaps 2 others.

If by approved you mean for commercial, then I think Penang trains to Commercial.

There was a flying school at Bankstown (Australia) that used to train to Malaysian CPL, but I don't know if they are still operating.

9th Apr 2002, 13:57
Hi cockpitjunkie,

Thanks for replying...r u sure the flying school at Penang trains for CPL...if yes care to elaborate more...


9th Apr 2002, 18:55
Yeap I can confirm that you cannot take the CPL in Aus, because I sent e-mails to a number of flight schools over there but all came up with the same answer.......

It would be great if you could give more information about the Penang course.....cheers

10th Apr 2002, 03:22
i believe the 'flying schools' in sungai besi and penang are just flying clubs. i have no experience with them but they might just well be offering courses up to CPL. as far as i know, MFA is the only full-fledged flying school in malaysia. there was one in langkawi few years ago but unfortunately they had closed.

it would probably be best if you check with DCA to obtain the most current info as info you get from here might not be accurate or even bais (get what i mean?)

if you are wondering how to get info on MFA, here goes...


for DCA...


as for flying schools in australia, they offer australian cpl. you will have to do Performance A and Malaysian Airlaw to convert it into malaysia cpl. again, check with DCA as my info are rather old.

infact, many MAS pilots are graduates from australian flying school. to my knowledge, there is one in Perth, Sydney & adelaide.

best of luck to you all...


10th Apr 2002, 09:53
You can do yourself a lot of favour by going to DCA and check the list of flying schools approved by them plus all other requirements. Of course it helps the country and do well with the govt. policy to encourage locals to go to MFA for training but at what price ? If you can complete the flying in Australia in ten months or so, why shud you risk venturing into unknown territory ? I hope MFA has improved in keeping up with time frame for completing courses ( of course unless the students themselves are weak and unable to cope up with the syllabus ! ). From various old feedbacks that I've got, they have somehow or rather (almost all the time) ended up being late in graduating students due to other reasons eg; logistic, a/c & instructors shortage etc,etc. That was the time when everybody wants to be a pilot and jobs are abundant. I'm not sure about now though. Pay DCA a visit and I'm very sure they will be able to help. Gud Luck my friend !!

10th Apr 2002, 17:22
Dear ppruners,

One more question.....where can we get financial assistance...other than banks,MAS,SIA ....to sponsor for the CPL pilot training in Malaysia...

Is there any organisation in malaysia still sponsoring pilot training....eg Shell, TNB,etc...

Kindly advice me...


11th Apr 2002, 03:54
Don't be a wimpie, join the Air Force first as they are looking for about 150 pilots now to fly their Sukhoi 30 a Mach 3 fighter stuff.
MAS is not hiring in fact is thinking of reducing their pilots unless you want to try SIA.

There in the Air Force you really test your skill and capability to the hilt.

Then when there is a vacancy is MAS in a few years times when you're 28 or 30 you can have a choice to join the airline.

Then you have the best of both world, not like some people who only live in one coconut shell and think they are the gods'gift to aviation.

MR. Login
12th Apr 2002, 10:53

With the current economic climate and the forever ongoing restructuring of the largest employer which has debts running into the gillions, there wouldn't be any scholarships/sponsors to train you up to the min ATPL standards ( Malaysian, UK or Australian), I don't think. Cadetship does not mean a freebie, just an easier life in the airlines. You would have to pay it back thru monthly deductions off your pay packet. TNB/SHELL??

Best bet if you're wanting the Civvies way, is to get a loan or get mum and dad to get it for you, then choof off to the great land down under, as recc by kurmitola & super ranger and of course u can go the brave hearts way too. Pilot training there is one of the best and the schools are DCA approved regardless of what the Dr ordered. Our cadets have been sent there for training since the late sixties. There are quite a number of private students there too whom have gained employment with MAS, Air Asia,Pelangi, Berjaya and other charters.

The weather there is fantastic for flying and there are heaps of places to navex to and you get to broaden your horizon a bit. Flying the bug smashers in Malaysia is very very scary indeed. The a/c maintenance may not be up to scratch for lack of funding, parts availabilty, work ethics & discipline and a whole host of kiasu attitudes. The CBs are huge and travels faster the 85kts on a 152. It would be quite suicidal to outrun one or plan a flight on a good day with some small CBs which can grow so tremendously quick. Visibility isn't always that great because of the constant haze and pollutants. The only plus about training locally are that you can always have your Char Kue Tiaw, teh tarik,roti canai, close to your family+ girl or boy friends.

Try 1. ASC or BAe Systems in Adelaide & Tamworth
2. AFTS in Sydney
3. Some school in Perth

Take your pick.

Best bet is again, to find out all these facts for yourself, then no one can bullshit u or tell you what they think, believe or feel.

Since u have access to the net, all the numbers shud be available to u.

1. DCA- Speak to Flt Crew Licensing or Capt Syed Zainal himself.
2. Ring up MFA, Selangor-Ipoh-Penang-Langklawi Flying Clubs.
3. Australian schools as listed by DCA if not yellowpages.com.country
4. Australian Flying is a pretty good magazine for wannabees as it lists a few Schools, IFR training softwares, Publications, Flying Tips, Exam tips, and blah blah blah. That shud be on the net as well. Try australianflying.com.au or something like that.

Before you do anything, it's best to have everything in writing, so write to DCA re:Approved Flying Schools, stating your intentions and possibly getting their consent and approval so that you don't end up in hot soup when you're done training.

Good Luck
:) :eek: :D :cool: :( ;) :p :)

12th Apr 2002, 16:53
Mr. Login,

Thanks for the reply...very informative...I checked the MDCA website....but it does not have the list of approved flying school..i'll be going to DCA office at Putrajaya on Monday...hope to get some more information on the licensing part...

By the way..anybody out there did the modular CPL (part time basis)....


13th Apr 2002, 04:34
Hi guys,

I was just wondering about Johore Flying Club ? Is it a reliable school ? From what I heard there are quite a number of Singaporeans who goes there to do their PPL.

Licence conversion etc ...


Good Day ...


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