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The Nut Behind The Wheel
8th Apr 2002, 13:39
As an adjunct to the topic "The car in your driveway...", I reckon this one might provide a laugh.

My pride and joy was a lime-green mini station wagon, with racing stripes ACROSS the bonnet, not down the vehicle. I brought the car from my cuz for $150 which is what it cost him in parts. He was given it to him by our grandad, who realised it had come to the end of its natural life under his stewardship.

I used to recycle the oil (courtesy of an ice-cream container under the engine at stops), and I used to get wet when driving through puddles due to a rather large hole in the floor.

Still managed to drag off the neanderthals in their V8's from the lights (albeit for a short while), whilst pissing myself laughing.

We parted company when I pulled into the next door neighbours driveway, which had a steep slope, and promptly had a brake failure, which tore the ass out of their garage door with stuff all damage to the vehicule.

In disgust at the cost of the damage caused, I sold it to the wreckers, and got myself a Hiroshima screamer instead. Fantastic it was!

The Mistress
8th Apr 2002, 13:47
To my shame I have to admit it was a battered Renault 6TL. A cream coloured box on wheels with a handle in the middle of the dashboard which passed as a gear stick!

I finally killed it by transporting about 8 of my friends home from a party in the back of it. The suspension really didn't like all that weight :) It wasn't worth the money in repairs so I moved on to a ... green Ford Escort! Blech! That eventually got abandoned on King's Lynn dock and I got the RAC or somebody to tow it away for me, but only after it had been a central feature in the annual firework display for the Royal Family :)

8th Apr 2002, 17:16
An ochre coloured 1973 Corolla SE 2 door. Good surf mobile cos no one wanted to nick it.:D

8th Apr 2002, 17:31
1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport with 283 cubic inch V-8 and 2 speed transmission. Car was quick- we used to race each other down a mountain in a law enforcement lacking spot between municipalities.

The car was a lot of fun, ran well (as a matter of fact we pulled the engine and still have it!!!), but everything else was pretty much shot. The front end would eat tires at the rate of 2 evry month or so- the only reason I was able to keep it going was my best friend's Dad owned a garage with a pile of decent used tires out back. Deal was I pumped the gas and he put the tires on the rims. Worked out well.

I loved that car, but in retrospect I'm lucky I didn't kill myself (or anyone else) in it.

8th Apr 2002, 17:34
The first one was a Fiat 600. After a couple of years in this Italian tin can you need to book a few sessions with a chiropractor. :D

Back seat exercises was for practical reasons not on the agenda. :(

8th Apr 2002, 18:02
A 1948 Morris 8. Died on me in Manchester in 1963. Remember it fondly. I was in the RAF at the time and it carried me for miles. I didnt have a driving licence and was always keeping an eye open for the boys in blue. All my other cars, with the exception of the Jaguar I once owned, pale into insignificance compared to that car.

8th Apr 2002, 18:16
Toyota 1000. Cyprus 1976. Everyone else had Alfasud sprints, and I had to try and keep up on the hairpin bends up and down the mountain. Learnt a lot about driving from that.

bubba zanetti
8th Apr 2002, 19:36
68 VW Beetle ... it had a sunroof and I was in heaven .... sigh .... :)

8th Apr 2002, 19:50
I bought my first car about three months ago a fortnight after my 17th ... a Land Rover 90 (1989) 2.5TDi :cool:

Great car for sticking bags, kit etc in, can be fixed with a 12lb hammer, sledge, fine adjustment and can easily outdo those little tin boxes that I can't fit in (being 6'3" and needing an osteopath after driving my instructor's piddly little Corsa). And, living on a farm, it comes in handy ...:)

8th Apr 2002, 21:23
The first car I ever owned is on my drive now.

The others (about 30 of them) all belonged to the finance company.

8th Apr 2002, 21:33
'65 VW Beetle. Fifty thundering horses. Manual choke, a six volt electrical system and no gas guage. If you forgot the mileage since the last fillup and ran it dry, there was a little one quart aux tank to get to the gas station. If you got stuck in the snow, pull out the choke a little, put it in gear and get out and push. Got away from me a couple times. If you needed heat, light your Zippo lighter and wave it around. Gave off as much heat as the so-called heater. :)

8th Apr 2002, 22:03
In 1970, I became the proud owner of a 1960 mini (starter button on the floor, no synchro in first gear, sliding windows etc)

It was supposed to be a standard 848cc mini but someone had shaved a lump off the head and done unspeakable things to its insides, so it was anybodies guess. Plus, the same genius put a much larger than usual SU carb on it. No room for an air filter under the bonnet...I can still remember the hissing noise from the inlet today. Went well though.

8th Apr 2002, 22:11
It was a MKIV gold cortina 1.6GT

And i wish they would still make the buggas.

Tons of room around the engine to fix it.
No cat converter
Change points in under 5 mins
YOu have a chance to fix it yourself.
Dead easy to weld.
Rearwheel drive
Great gear box but could do with a 5th gear.

But must admit that my current MAZDA 323 fastback is very reliable but it dosn't have the spirt of my old cortina :(


8th Apr 2002, 22:31
1973 VW Beetle 1500. Owned it for 13 years. Only failed to start once when the carbie was full of water. It would run even when the contact-breaker points had a conical hill of metal on one side and a matching hole on the other so bad you couldn't see the gap! The little chugger thrived on neglect. Got washed once a year - whether it needed it or not.

Used to break a clutch-cable every 18 months, I got so good at changing them I managed to change one in the middle of the night in winter with no torch and just a screwdriver for a toolkit. Invented seven new swear-words that night because I had worn out all the old ones.

You could drive it no more than 200 yards on a broken fan-belt before you smelt the oil cooking. Always carried a spare clutch-cable and fan belt, as well as a few 13mm spanners...you could virtually disassemble a VW with a 13mm spanner.

A truly awesome piece of machinery. Apparently it is still running around on some property down south. That engine was a gem!

8th Apr 2002, 23:11
Austin Metropolitan, bought for 95 quid at RNAS Lossiemouth in '68. Died on the North Circular in '69, when the front RH trailing arm seized and ripped out of the bodywork, leaving the front wheels pointing in opposite directions :rolleyes:

Finally got it home by reversing around RH corners, council took it away as abandoned 9 months later :D :D

Far canal
9th Apr 2002, 09:05
A 1966 Mini Traveller with a Cooper S engine dropped in the front. Widey wheels, smoked glass, bucket seats and a posh gearstick. Stuck to the road like the proverbial to a blancket and would top a ton. That's very fast in a mini.

Feeton Terrafirma
9th Apr 2002, 12:06
Bought a $300 1962 Ford Anglia when I was 18. Great little car for a student.

Didn't go fast enough to use petrol
Didn't corner well enough to wear tyres
Top speed was below the legal limit so no speeding fines.
Had a very slick little 4 on the floor gearbox

Had a slight bit of head to head disagreement with a Japanese and won, but the panel beater wanted $400 to fix it. The japanese was $2400 to fix. Both went to the scrap yard. I bought a 1963 $350 Ford Anglia (gezz I was a slow learner in those days)

9th Apr 2002, 17:21
Oh dear........promise not to laugh? A Daf 33. And very sweet it was...until i discovered it ran on elastic bands....:rolleyes:

9th Apr 2002, 17:45
A tan 1972 4dr Datsun 1200. The deluxe model with bucket seats & headrests.

Gave it to my sister a year later in return for a 1974 Corolla station wagon. Much better for sticking a mattress in the back for the drive-in movies!

Kept the Corolla for 9 years. It was a wreck by the time I traded it in, but I reasoned that every dollar I didn't spend on it was another dollar for flying training.

Every so often another bit would fall off or wear out. Sometimes I'd replace the part with one from the wreckers, but only if doing without it was became a problem eg the Honda Accord radiator a mate & I welded into it when the original spat the dummy.

Rattles were self repairing. If you waited long enough.

Amazing what you can get by with out: Starter, brakes, clutch etc etc :eek:

Send Clowns
9th Apr 2002, 23:22
A pale blue Ford Orion (why on Earth did they not start out calling it an Escort Saloon?). Main advantage it had was that no self-respecting little toerag would be seen dead nicking it (very useful in Bedford, where I was about to move when I bought it)

10th Apr 2002, 03:27
I had a 1971 Chevrolet Vega GT, I paid three hundred USD for it and the little monster was worth every penny and then some, boy could it take some abuse!


10th Apr 2002, 11:35
When I passed my test in 1960 I bought a 1934 Ford Eight, it cost GBP5!!! then in 1961 I upgraded to a 1952 Ford Prefect!

10th Apr 2002, 12:01
Late 1970's snot green Datsun 120y (120 reasons Y)Hatch complete with AM radio and brown pinstrips. Dad gave it to me, and now I know why. Too slow to get into trouble! Too stupid looking for mates to want to get in! Too dorky looking to pick up girls! No one took it seriously so I never got challanged to a race! Owned it for years till the rust got the better of it then traded it in for a brand new Starion Turbo, big mistake that was!!

Who has control?
10th Apr 2002, 12:18
In 1976, I got a 1967 red Triumph Herald 1200cc saloon. I thought it was was magic! It did 0-60 in 3 weeks.

The tinworm had eaten the bottom of the door, but its amazing what 'pudden' can hide. Sold it 18 months later for a 2.0 Vitesse. Now that was a heap of poo! A real rust bucket. In the rain it gripped the road like soap on a wet mirror!

I'd love to drive then again, just to realise how bad they actually were.

10th Apr 2002, 12:21
1973 MG midget

1275 engine as per the 'sporty' minis of the time. Thought I was the dogs bollox. Remember snoggin the then to be Mrs Whiz in it for the first time when all of a sudden through the condensation 2 footprint shapes appeared on the inside of the windscreen !!!!.... obviously previous owner had a contortionist for a girlfriend .. :)

Eventually just rotted away .. .ah well happens to us all

10th Apr 2002, 12:30
A nineteenhundred&frozensolid Standard Super10.
All 998cc's of power! Note the 'Super', that's 'cos
it came with a chrome strip down the side, leather seats,
boot (yes, really, the normal one had a folding back
seat with stowage behind) and a heater as standard!

Drove it for months with the fromt end all stove in until was banned from bringing on the RAF camp parking
lot 'cos it was too scruffy!

Ah, nostalgia 'aint what it used to be;)

10th Apr 2002, 13:16
1989-90 Renault 21 Hatchback

Metallic blue paint.
Had the ass run out of it. Done 20 thousand mile on it in 6 months.
No surprise then when the left drive shaft start clacking againts the sump when I turned corners.

The engine decided it wasn't happy with internal combustion one day and decided to spit 3 foot flames at me when I lifted the bonnet to invesitgate the smoke.
A quick dowsing with old mopping water put the fire out and made the engine smell of Forrest pine detergent for a week.

Fixed the left drive shaft, only to have the right one start clacking after driving "into" a humungous pot hole.

Cooling system wasn't cooling.

Taking the thing over 70 caused it to become a fitness studio, in literally Shaking those pounds of you.

Eventually traded it in for a Primera last year, which I still drive.

10th Apr 2002, 13:27
In 1975 in bought a 1964 mini Reg. No. BWO 24B. Mini 850 with a fibreglass front. After the engine seized I put in an engine and gearbox out of an Austin 1100. Unfortunately I didn't change the differential. This allowed it to accelerate to 50mph faster than an E-type. Even more unfortunately I couldn't make it go any faster cos my eyeballs were vibrating in my head (literally) as the poor little engine was at the red line. :eek:

It didn't last long ....... :rolleyes:

10th Apr 2002, 21:38
Errr.... My first car was a "Truck". :D 1968 Ford Explorer V8. Yellow with black racing stripes down the front hood and not to forget the hanging gun rack on the back. ;)

Capt Vegemite
10th Apr 2002, 22:54
1936 Morris 8 sports for a fiver.
Me dad towed me home in his Mk1 Zephyr.
Lost a few pax from cornering hard and suicide doors opening!

11th Apr 2002, 03:49
A red 1973 Honda Civic. I still remember the numberplate. Absolutely adored that car, and it took me all over Victoria - hated parting with it, but it didn't go far, as I sold it to my sister :)


Theo Racle
11th Apr 2002, 04:46
1968 MkII Cortina GT, BRIGHT ORANGE !!! Used to have more smoke in the cabin than a cigar sellers conference, but once Dad and I did the motor up boy did it go!

11th Apr 2002, 04:52
A 1952 Humber Hawk. Reg WXW 258. I still have the name flash from the boot (trunk to Americans) She only had 125,000 miles on the clock but I reckon that was on the second time round :eek: Cost me eighty quid in 1971. A really lovely motor car she was... sigh.

I called her Gladys, because the name seemed to fit.

The chap I bought her from went off and got himself a three year old Fiat 125. Serves him right too!

Through difficulties to the cinema

Capt Vegemite
11th Apr 2002, 23:48

My current motor ..its not hard to figure out the over 50's in here!;)

12th Apr 2002, 06:51
A Morris 8 Series E rag-top. One odd wheel which was a spoked wheel from an older model! Closely followed by a 1956 Moggie.

12th Apr 2002, 08:53
1987 VW Golf. A friend of mine used to own one but claims it grew into his current Volvo 940 when he took care to water it regularly. I've taken to doing the same.

Now a question for the car experts out there. Are the brown spots showing up all over the car a sign that it will turn into a Volvo soon? ;)

Telltale sign of a first car: A car stereo which costs half as much as the car - but with two broken speakers!


12th Apr 2002, 09:20
1972 Toyota Corona bought off a teacher who did 'em up.
Car hated me.
In 12 months went through three windsreens, two batteries, five radiator hoses, a radiator top tank, six tyres and, did I mention the clock stopped going the day after I took delivery!:mad:
Finally collected a rock falling from a truck in front that buckled the wheel but left the tube inflated.
Decided to trade it on brand new '76 Datsun (Nissan) 180B SSS.
Rushing to collect the new car before the dealer closed for the night, Corona busts fan belt exactly 10 miles from two towns 20 miles apart. Hitchhike to one to get new belt and cadge lift back. Find alternator frozen in place so can't fit new belt. No tools in the car, of course - had taken 'em out.
Mum hitches to the other town to get the RACV man to come and help.
He turns up and gets us going.
Made it to the dealer with two minutes to go and kept the Datsun for 13 years and 300,000 km. All cars since have been office issue.
Oh and did I mention that while I was sitting waiting for the RACV man to turn up....that bl**dy clock started working again!!!!

Hugh Jarse
13th Apr 2002, 20:56
Holden HR panelvan with the matress and curtains in the back :eek:

Going to Northern Beaches pubs to see bands like The Angels, Midnight Oil, Radiators etc, then continuing the party at Warriewood beach till the sun came up ;)

Only trouble with owning such a vehicle back then was that it was a cop magnet. :mad:

And, being a HR Holden, people would shout at you "Hey mate....You've got a fuggin car on your rust!!!" :D

Capt Vegemite
13th Apr 2002, 23:17
Hugh Jarse I was always too old for one them "Shaggin'wagons":(

14th Apr 2002, 01:43
1968 MG Midget, in old English White. It was almost a write off, but myself and my best friend repaired it with loving care, and took turns driving it. Jeez wot a totty magnet, especially with the family red setter in it. It's weird, i have since owned some serious metal, but nothing like the Midget for attracting the opposite sex


Sliding member
14th Apr 2002, 04:37
The mighty Fiat Panda, seemed to be the standard mode of transport for flying instructors.
I hope they don't all rust away as I want one when I get older, do you think they'll be as desierable as a Fiat 500??

14th Apr 2002, 05:15
1974 Falcon Coupe. (Purple!!)

302 cubes and C4 trans. The only other thing holding it together was the rust.

Had to sell it to the wreckers to pay the speeding fines :D

14th Apr 2002, 05:24
Honda 90 Trail

No that was a motorcycle.

Suzuki 250

No that was a bike as well.

Yamaha XS650,

No, bike,

Humber Super Snipe... never could get the engine un-seized....

Rambler, 1960, front seats folded down to make a bed with the rear seats. Push button transmission.

VW, Superbeetle

Dodge station wagon

Peugot 404

Harley, damn the rain.

Limo, these days.

Hugh De Payen
14th Apr 2002, 05:24
The original 'K' reg 2 door mark 3 cortina, Daytona yellow in colour, Known as The Yellow Peril to the neighbours, cost me £395. Went like **** off a shiny shovel, well I thought so.

Creamed it chasing a cat down a back alley!!! Dont think the goat on the back seat enjoyed the ride!!

Ali Barber
14th Apr 2002, 08:53
At the time I brought it, it was a 13 year old 850cc automatic mini with 4-speed crash gearbox that had originally been imported from Belgium. Steering wheel and pedals had been rearranged so that they were on the right, but the only unlockable door from outside was still on the left! Speedo was still in kph not mph and it had done less than 26,000 km total with all the MOT certs to prove it. Paid 600 quid for it and sold it for more than that 2 years later to a Qatari on my flying training course who had run his flashy Beemer into the back of a parked car. "Daddy" refused to buy him anything fast - I had the ideal solution, they didn't come much slower!

14th Apr 2002, 11:27
A Rolls Canardly.

When asked what it was I used to reply 'It rolls down the hills and can 'ardly get up the other side'.

Apart from that a Mk I Ford Cortina Estate for £245. Rolled it into a ditch 10 days later (took some doing as it wouldn't go above 60 mph) and spent the next 3 years paying it off!

Some lessons are painfully learnt.

14th Apr 2002, 11:55
First vehicle (apart from a kid's push-bike) I owned was a Honda CD175. Then for several years I had company cars, first of which was a revolting little Datsun.

First car I ever actually owned was a Citröen 2CV. Loved it. Then a Golf GTi which was stolen, and never saw again. Needed a car fast, and my boss' mate had a Saab dealership, with an old 900 for sale for £500 which I bought. Never looked back. Only Saabs from then on.

14th Apr 2002, 11:55
78' Ford Escort 1.3.... went through 2 enginechanges, the first 14 days after I bought it.
Lost one rear wheel while doing 120 km on the highway.
Glad when I bought it, even more when I got rid of it again...

14th Apr 2002, 13:12
Old London Black Cab, my father gave it to me to take to University. He told me it was ideal Uni transport as it was slow, solid, cheap to run, you could pack loads of people into it, park on taxi ranks and no matter how badly you drove (or pi**** you were) the police would never stop you as they would assume you were a cabbie.

Used to take it to Cricket matches etc with six in the back and a barrell of beer in the luggage bay.

Had it for a while whilst in the RAF and used to get a few curious looks when handing my 1250 over at the gate and the guard could find no one in the back. Remember one occasion when the CO's staff car broke down and I was commandeered to take him to collect the AOC who was arriving for a parade. AOC very impressed.

Flying Lawyer
14th Apr 2002, 13:54
My first was an MG Midget which I bought from a solicitor's clerk was upgrading to some sort of fast Capri. Solicitors' clerks earned considerably more than young barristers. They probably still do.

Why don't you tell them about your first Renault 5 which, as I recall, you had for a rather short time?:D :D (You can leave out the location!!) ;)

14th Apr 2002, 15:40

Ahem, I assume you are referring to the one I flick rolled in Putney High Street five minutes after collecting it.:mad: ;)

14th Apr 2002, 19:02
A P Reg VW Golf, tastefully painted in yellow and red anti-rust paint.

Anyone remember Neil Young's Long May You Run. Dedicated to his first car and his first lady - a great song, full of the sort of memories cropping up on this thread.

Then again, nostalgia isn't what it used to be.

Oldjet Jockey
14th Apr 2002, 21:27
What a lot of younsters you are!!!

My first car was a 1928 Austin Chummy, 2 seater open top.
This was followed by a 1932 Morris Oxford, ideal passion waggon with as much leg room in the back as a London taxi. Followed during flying training by an Austin 14/4 from 1934.

You guys just dont know what real driving is all about, none of my early cars were capable of more than 50 m.p.h. and at that speed, road holding hadn't been invented.

Capt Vegemite
15th Apr 2002, 08:52
Kerist old jetjockey did you do your basic training in Bleriots?:confused:

Oldjet Jockey
17th Apr 2002, 19:55
No not quite that old. Basic was a Tiger moth and my first passenger carrying flight was piloting a DH Dragon Rapide. What are auto pilots?

18th Apr 2002, 02:55
1977 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ 400, with every option, including the leaky Hurst T-Tops!

My second car was a '66 Pontiac GTO hardtop, 389, tripower, 4 speed.

I am currently restoring a '66 GTO convertible, complete with tripower, 4 speed but I've replaced the 389 with a 455......

18th Apr 2002, 08:58
How did I miss this brilliant thread?
Anyway, belatedly, a Morris Minor (HJK 496) called Annabel. It was given to my mum by her father, but she could never handle the gearbox so I sort of took it over after passing my test.
I used to drive to school which really p*ssed off the teachers that were poor and had to cycle to school.
The only time I was done for speeding was in Annabel. The beaks didn't like my plea that it was impossible to do 51 down the Purley Way in a Morris Minor and fined me 40 quid -- a fortune for me then -- it was two weeks wages.
Annabel's health gradually deteriorated and while I was off backpacking in Europe she was towed away to I know not where.
Mum took a photo of her at the top of our drive as she departed.
I still have it. :(

Biggles Flies Undone
18th Apr 2002, 10:11
1966 MG Midget 1098. Wish I still had it.

Bought a hard top and spent hours and hours one winter re-stiching all the seams on the soft top. First time out with the refurbished soft top I went shooting and when I got back found that the farmer had let his cows into the field where I'd parked and the bu99ers had eaten the bloody soft top! :mad:

Capt Vegemite
19th Apr 2002, 00:14
Oldjet Jockey

Ahh..De Havilland....throttle set..CONTACT!...coff...fart..BRAAATT!...brum...brum...brum.. .brum..130 pulsing Gypsy horses straining at the chocks...
Never did find a satisfactory way of stopping me goggles blowin off doing aeros..:)

19th Apr 2002, 11:58
A 1975 Holden Gemini, Jamaican Green with orange and gold racing stripes. Bought it in 1990 from the little old man at the local hardware shop, who had had it from new. He only ever drove it from his home to the shop, a huge distance of about 4km. It had never been on a freeway, and the boot had never been opened! It was a great machine, with an unbreakable gearbox, and did the road from Melbourne to Mangalore at all hours of the day and night without missing a beat.

Had it for three years until some mate from uni whose dad did up old Mercs in his semiretirement convinced me that as a twenty year old uni student and student pilot that I too could drive around in one. And ****** me, I did! A 1973 Mercedes Benz 280 in mint condition (even had medals from Concours) with P plates is a mighty fine sight. The view of the bank balance trying to run it was slightly less mighty.

As for the old Gem, the little brother took it over, took it to the Gold Coast where it lost him his licence for six months DUI, and then took it to Sydney, where he bloody well got it stolen from his driveway.:rolleyes:

19th Apr 2002, 12:37
Old Jet Jockey,

I think you should have mentioned the total absence of synchromesh on any gear for the cars you used to drive. This sorts out the men from the boys when it comes to changing gear and the need for anticipation as I am sure you will agree. (Just like the difference between learning to fly in a Tiger Moth vs the spamcan).

Although the first car I owned(part) was a Wolseley 6/80 (as used by the 50's police) I learned in an 1932 Austin 6/14. I used to dread having to change gear until I mastered the technique. Changing down on a steep hill was a real art and gave tremendous satisfaction when you got it right.

Hersham Boy
19th Apr 2002, 13:51
Hersh's first passion wagon was a 1984 Suzuki Alto. It was flourescent green (really) and despite only being about 3ft long and having a 3cyl 800cc engine it had four doors and a sunroof to boot.

Took me YEARS to get a girlfriend with that thing... :D

19th Apr 2002, 13:56
And this raises the question, a different version of which is raised elslewhere in JB, of how many gay men are there today who just happened to have the wrong type of car when they were young?

As I said above, real men know when to slip it in just at the right time.

19th Apr 2002, 14:48
Pulse 1

I must say I am baffled by your last post. Suggesting that the car a man drives when he is young and impressionable is in some way connected to the development of his sexual preference poses many questions, sir, about your character. The most obvious one is why, if you persist in such beliefs, did you force all your sons to drive a brown Vauxhall Chevette Estate?

Was this some bizarre experiment at the expense of your childrens' social confidence? I put it to you, sir, that your hypothesis is not only flawed but irreversibly disproved, as your children, despite your very best efforts, remain of sound and well-balanced character (except the obvious one). Equally, instead of the generation of sexual confusion, you have only endeavoured to instil in them the desire never to look so stupid again, the deep resentment and hatred for the colour brown and the individual memorisation of the Childline telephone number.

I am equally bemused by your claims to be an automotive puritan. I would suggest the honour is not applicable to those who, for example and completely off the top of my head, would contemplate exchanging an Impreza turbo for a Seat, which we all know is a taxi drivers car.

Further condomnation follows the cruel act of not letting your sons, especially the taller (the best one), from ever driving your Impreza. :(

Yours sincerely and respectfully


PS Pulse 1, there is a Mr. Smith who wants picking up from the train station. Can you do it.;)

19th Apr 2002, 15:56

I wondered if that might flush you out.:)

I don't think that you should be too quick to judge the sex appeal of any particular motorcar. The key word in the title of this thread is "owned", not "borrowed". If you recall, your own success with the ladies was more obvious when you owned an old Montego - although it may have been the built in swimming pool in the boot which provided the attraction in this case.

Regards, Pulse1

PS. I have yet to see a taxi driver using a 180 bhp turbo Cupra 20VT

Biggles Flies Undone
19th Apr 2002, 16:03
Hmmm methinks Chapman gets the nod in that exchange....

The Shove-it was a truly horrible car with a nail of an engine - and Impreza to Seat is not exactly going vertical is it?

Still, who am I to argue :D

19th Apr 2002, 16:04
When I was young, before I had acquired much in the way of learning and understanding, back in the days when I had no choice in the size of bed I slept or recreated in, there were two sorts of vehicles in the catalogues:-

Mobile brothels

The first type was considered excellent for attracting the opposite sex. Long, low red sports cars were considered ideal for the job. The trouble with them was that one couldn't do much with even the willing partner in these.

The second category was generally something like an Escort van, or a Transit, either of which were ideal for getting all one's belongings to University at the start of term, and for heading off to pick up the pizzas and beers. With a mattress in the back as well as a few other comforts, one could do lots. Trouble was, you rarely got anyone of the opposite sex within 400 yards of them.

Boss Raptor
19th Apr 2002, 17:22
Mk.1 Honda Civic...red...

WEnt like the clappers but didnt impress birds...or maybe I didnt...was never too sure :confused:

19th Apr 2002, 19:25
Pulse 1

A car made in Spain, no matter what turbo charged VW powerplant you put in, is still a car made in Spain.

The Spanish are most famous for sleeping through the day, and you trust them to weld the suspension on properly?

Yours with the utmost respect and sincerity


PS I saw an Impreza WRX taxi the other day, so I'm sure some cabbi, probaly called Terry and sat on a beeded seat cover, has bolted his pikey chauffeurs licence on a Cupra.

Squealing Pig
19th Apr 2002, 21:23
Knackered 1974 (14 years old at the time) VW Mk1 Golf 1.1L with grey primer left wing and other parts, didnt half go like **** of shovel just went like ****, until the head gasket went wilst flooring down the A49 taking it to the dealer to trade it in. just made it to the dealer where it cut out in the parking spot and wouldnt re-start. It seemed to stay there for 10 days before they moved it. never went back to them even when the new car developed a fault.

brit bus driver
20th Apr 2002, 04:24
Ah...the venerable Vauxhall Chevette (circa 1977...so ten years old) in a truly fetching metallic green . I must say Peterborough to Bedford and back every day for a year with only a new clutch required was pretty good going. Wish my current beast was as cheap to run...:D

Hugh Jarse
23rd Apr 2002, 00:54
Db99, if you're looking for your Gemini, it's probably painted iridescent PURPLE now, and doing laps down around Brighton (NSW) way on Fri/Sat/Sun nights. Fully sick, maaaate! :D


23rd Apr 2002, 11:35
a very faded red Vaux Astra estate, slept in the back of it once - not recomended without padding/sleeping bag! Developed strange elex fault and reqd batt. disconnected everytime to turn out headlights, just as mysteriously cured itself, went through 3 distributors, and travelled from Kings Lynn to Glasgow on the back of a pick-up truck once. Drove on strange mix of 50/50 water and petrol! Drive shaft broke 50 yards from my driveway and that was the end of it - it went to the Great Garage in the Sky!:)

23rd Apr 2002, 12:02
Oh GOD eng - you've just reminded me of spending a very cold, uncomfortable night in my old Datsun one November many years ago.

I had just moved to a new town, and was invited to a party on a Saturday night. All the men in white, all the women in black.

I went to town on it.

I borrowed my old man's white mess jacket and a pair of white ducks (shoes to the uninitiated), had a white dress shirt, white tie, the LOT.

Got home after the party to find I'd locked myself out. Rude words.

Following morning, early (anything to get out of the car) I was wandering around to town looking for the police station to ask them to get me inside. Nobody around to ask, it being early on a Sunday morning, so I wandered around for ages before I finally founf it, just 400 yards up the road from my place. They said all they could do was what I could do - break something to get in.

I didn't like that idea, so I wandered around a bit more until I spotted a house with a load of builder's materials outside, plus the sound of a radio from inside. Bingo!

Borrowed his ladder. You should have seen the looks I got from him, also from one or two people out & about (the place was starting to wake up). Climbed the ladder, let myself in an upstairs window whose catch was not brilliant.

SInce that day I've always kept house keys on the ring with the car keys, and always carried a sleeping bag in the boot of the car (useful for crashing out after parties as well as those nights when the rest of the system has failed you).

24th Apr 2002, 22:23
Sit Up and Beg Ford Pop
1963- Standing at a Bus Stop, pouring with rain, no shelter,
along comes a bus (not the one I am waiting for).
I get on because I am Soaked.
It takes me to an area where the "Bomb site dealers" are.
I have £10 in my pocket .
I drive away in my first car
No tax
No Insurance
No car driving licence
It lasted myself, my wife & my new Daughter 5 years
Happy memories,