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11th Sep 2012, 09:42
Hey chaps,

My company provides info whether the airport uses DCL or PDC. But what are precisely the differences. Jepp text gives little info.


11th Sep 2012, 10:16
Same thing. Departure Clearance (DCL) over most of the World, Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) in America.

oz in dxb
11th Sep 2012, 11:58
DCL is a clearance direct from ATC sent to your ACARS and does not require a read back on clearance delivery.
PDC comes from a different source and requires a PDC read back on clearance delivery.


11th Sep 2012, 12:29
oz in dxb, disagreed. Never read back a PDC unless specifically instructed to do so, mostly in China. There's an acceptance function with confirmation. :ok:

11th Sep 2012, 16:03

EUROCONTROL - Overview (http://www.eurocontrol.int/acars/public/standard_page/overview.html)

11th Sep 2012, 16:39
on this accord I wonder how some operators intent to accomplish read backs for:
Some Operators may have received an email signed by Eurocontrol and DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung in mid July 2012 (Refer to Eurocontrol e-mail) about changes in CPDLC operations over Maastricht and Karlsruhe Upper Airspace Controls (UACs). These changes are:

The discontinuation of the Voice Read Back (VRB) procedures from November 15, 2012. This requires Protected Mode CPDLC (PM-CPDLC) capable avionics. Aircraft without PM-CPDLC (Refer to Note 2 below) will not be able to log on to ATC centers via datalink.
The requirement to fill in the 24-bit address in the Filed Flight Plan (FPLN) from September 27, 2012. The 24-bit address is also called the Mode S address, aircraft address, or aircraft ICAO code. Interesting times no more chit chat with the boys on the ground, nor everywhere yet but it's coming. :ok: